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In a global world, demand for excellent communication is on the rise. With internet and networking, boundaries are collapsing and the whole world is becoming a network.

Online PR News – 17-December-2012 – Bangalore – 17th December 2012, Bangalore, India – English is fast becoming the global language of education, leading to a massive increase in demand for English editing services.

Effective communication is paramount to progress, both personal and professional progress. Language skills enrich one’s personality, social life, and open up job opportunities while lack of language fluency hampers communication and subsequently, progress.

inlingua Bangalore offers programs tailored to individual needs that cater to these demands. It’s training on the telephone or the internet, the inlingua program is
geared up to offer the best in communicative business skills. Students aspiring to learn foreign languages and also increase command over English speaking skills are
getting benefit by these courses that enable them to adjust to various business needs in different cultures.

inlingua Bangalore offers a wide variety of programs for both the corporate as well as the individual students. The same could be taken in combination with the GPP/APP
programs or as stand alone modules. Courses are also customized based on the specific requirement of each client.

The modules which are available at inlingua Bangalore are:

Business Correspondence
Business Writing
Presentation Skills
Voice quality
Managing Successful meetings
Socializing across cultures
Real estate
Human Resources

The inlingua method of teaching languages is the result of decades of practical experience. The primary aim of the inlingua method is to enable the student to
communicate as competently as possible in the language being learnt. The main emphasis of the method is on the spoken word since it is only by speaking the language
that the student will acquire oral competence. With more than 35 years of its successful implementation, the success of the method is certain.

The inlingua Bangalore center is conveniently located in one of the city’s oldest localities and probably Asia’s largest residential area – Jayanagar. Located in south
Bangalore, Jayanagar is a hub of culture and education. The area is very well connected making the inlingua center easily reachable from all parts of the city.
Benefit from a course that is just right for your career needs. inlingua Bangalore assesses the language level and delivers you what exactly you need and where you
need to go.

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