Verizon FiOS Promo Codes Give Savings, Cash to Smart & Thrifty Couponers

Coupon site, run by financial advisor and Newsweek online columnist David Ning, collects each new Verizon coupon code on a single page to help consumers find their best deal.

Online PR News – 16-December-2012 – Irvine, CA – Consumers who have been looking for Verizon FiOS promo codes can now find several of the codes on a single page, allowing them to find the most economical deal for their needs. The site is called, and it offers discount promotional codes on everything from Internet service bundles, to food items, to shoes.

The site's creator, David Ning, has made it his personal mission to help everyone from single mothers to retired couples save money for the future and increase their income while reducing expenses. He created Coupon Shoebox as a major means towards that end.

Verizon has been actively offering many promotions lately, and's Verizon promo codes page lists several deals available to anyone who wants to use Verizon FiOS services. Users can choose from discounts on high-speed Internet service, Internet+Voice, and bundled Internet+Voice+Television packages.

Ning also runs a personal finance blog at, and writes a finance column for the online version of Newsweek. Although a large part of his readership consists of retirees and individuals saving up for retirement, his methods are applicable to anyone who wants to trim their budgets and make their income count for more.

Ning's writings focus on two major areas: increasing income and saving more of it. While not everyone feels confident at first when it comes to creating more income, saving money is something that anyone can easily do from day one.

The Verizon FiOS promo codes on Ning's coupon site are designed to do just that. One Verizon promotional code allows users to secure a low monthly Internet subscription fee for life, while another Verizon coupon code offers a Visa Prepaid Card with a significant sum, similar to cash-back, when consumers sign up for a two-year TV+Phone+Internet bundle.

Other promotions in Verizon coupon codes include:
• Free or half-priced HBO & Cinemax
• Free wireless router
• Contract and no-contract options
• Special promotional prices for bundled services
• Waived activation fee
• Guaranteed price lock-in for anywhere from years to a lifetime

In the 21st Century, broadband Internet has switched from being a luxury to becoming a utility—a basic necessity. David Ning is looking to help his readers save on these costs as an aspect of his three-pronged approach to personal finance: helping readers become debt-free, teaching readers how to build wealth over time, and helping readers understand how each financial decision affects their lives.

Anyone interested in the Verizion FiOS promo codes can find them at

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