Smelly Washer Blog Educates Public On Washer Mold Perils And Stinky Washing Machines

The makers of premier washing machine cleaner, Smelly Washer, have updated their blog and circulated articles amongst the public highlighting the causes and effects of smelly and fungus-infested washing machines.

Online PR News – 08-July-2009 – – July 7, 2009 (FPRC) -- MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Popular all-natural washing machine cleaner, Smelly Washer, is educating the public about the perils of washing machine odors and fungus. The newly updated Smelly Washer blog discusses various issues that might concern the owners of a smelly washing machine.

Smelly Washer is an effective cleaner designed to remove washing machine smell and leave the machine odor-free. Smelly Washer is constituted of a special biodegradable formula that removes mold, fungus and other allergens within a washing machine without releasing toxic fumes into the environment.

The Smelly Washer blog has recently been updated with several new articles catering to consumers battling a stinky washing machine. By reading these articles, consumers can begin to understand how a smelly washing machine does more harm than is apparent. A quick browse through the articles is likely to shock the average washing machine user as they realize their smelly washing machine is a breeding ground for fungus, mold and other assorted allergens. These not only harm the washing machine and affect its productivity, but also pose serious health problems to those wearing the clothes washed in these stinky washing machines.

"Sometimes people don’t understand why their washing machine smells or even how many problems water damage can cause. Our newly updated blog will educate consumers about the perils of water damage, fungus and overall smelliness," says Paul Flynn of Smelly Washer.

Makers of this washing machine cleaner believe there is an increasing amount of mold present in washing machines and homes these days. Smelly Washer effectively removes fungus and mildew, not just within a washing machine but in other areas of the home as well. Consumers need to dissolve a teaspoon of Smelly Washer in a spray bottle before use and liberally spray mold-affected areas with the cleaner. For those unsure of how to use the product, the blog provides an easy-to-follow guide on using the Smelly Washer cleaner.

Articles on the blog include 'how to' guides, product comparisons, expert interviews, results of product tests and other general topics explaining the causes and effects of bad washing machine smell and how to combat it. The blog can be reviewed in detail at

"It's easy to simply pick up a washer cleaner and get rid of the problem, but the Smelly Washer blog wants to inform and educate. We want the public to understand why their washing machine smells. While using Smelly Washer is a great solution, we want to help them really get behind the problem. Reading this blog will make consumers aware of the causes, effects and solutions for a stinky washing machine and hopefully help them prevent any smell or mold issues in the future," said Flynn.

About Smelly Washer:
Smelly Washer is an all-natural washing machine cleaner that eradicates washing machine odor, fungus and mildew. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula that can effectively eliminate molds and allergens in both the washing machine and around the home.

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