missiontripEgive.com Launched for Online Mission Trip Fundraising

New mission trip fundraising website launched to provide an innovative alternative to the typical process for mission trip fundraising (using mail based letters). missiontripEgive.com provides personalized donation links and real-time donation tracking, saving participants and organizations time and money.

Online PR News – 08-April-2010 – – Over 2.5 million mission trips will depart from the United States in 2010 with expenses of more than $5 billion. Most of these expenses are traditionally raised through inefficient manual processes (mail self-addressed envelopes, wait for them to come back, process them manually, etc). missiontripEgive.com provides an exciting alternative to the traditional mission trip fundraising process.

Using missiontripEgive.com, trip leaders are able to quickly create trips and enable trip participants to send out personalized donation links to friends and family. Additionally, group links are available to put on organization websites to enable the potential for unsolicited donations. As funds come in, trip leaders and participants are able to monitor funds in real-time.

Some might ask why there is a need for a tool such as this. According to the founder Jeff Forgrave, who has led more than 40 people on 4 mission trips, “Building a solid support base is critical for the success of mission trips and it also greatly relieves the financial strain from trip participants.” The manual processes that exist today for raising funds cost approximately 12.2% in material and processing costs*. missiontripEgive.com costs a fraction of this and provides numerous intangible benefits as noted above. For a 10-person trip that costs $1,500 per person, organizations and participants could expect to realize more than $1,100 in combined savings*.

Mission trip fundraising no longer needs to be a labor intensive effort that costs trip participants and organizations a lot of time and money. Visit www.missiontripEgive.com to learn how mission trip fundraising can be simplified and improve the success of your next mission trip.

* http://www.missiontripegive.com/why.php

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