Immigration to Canada set to Rise due to Shortage of Skilled Workers

Montreal immigration law firm Dery & Associates (Canadim) provide Canadian immigration legal services. Due to the several factors, Canada will see increasing demands for skilled workers in 2010 and continuing into 2011.

Online PR News – 08-April-2010 – – Dery & Associates (Canadim) is an immigration law firm based out of Montreal, Quebec. Canada's large baby-boom population is starting to reach the age of retirement, this constitutes over a third of the Canadian workforce. They will be retiring over the next 20 years, what this means is that Canada will need to invest considerable efforts to keep offices, stores, companies and factories staffed with skilled and unskilled workers.

"The labor shortage is an issue that will be very real to this country over the next 20 years. Canada is increasing the flow of skilled immigrants already to avoid problems. Additionally, they are reducing barriers to inter-provincial mobility and improving the recognition of foreign qualifications making it easier for foreign trained skilled workers to achieve their immigration visa" says Renaud Dery, Managing Partner at Dery & Associates.

In the next couple of years, as the baby boomers are retiring the Canadian labor force will be losing a large volume of workers. At the same time, the demand for skilled workers will continue to rise rapidly and various projections show Canada's education and training systems will have a hard time keeping up. With those factors combined, high unemployment and large labor shortages are at a high possibility. "If Canada is going to keep up with the changing needs it's facing, we are going to have to continue to address our skilled worker needs and keep an open mind to foreign trained skilled workers." adds Richard Dery, Executive Director.

There are several industries where the demand for skilled workers will be felt the most. Oil and gas manufacturing are two sectors that are expected to increase rapidly in the coming year as well as the construction industry. There will be an increase in finance and accounting jobs as professionals will be sought out to change to new, mandated accounting practices. Additionally, engineering demand will grow as construction projects are being passed on to the next generation. As alwasy, the demand for nurses and doctors is going to be extremely high as the needs of the baby boomers will be considerable.

“We are a law firm that prides ourselves on offering personalized service. With the growing needs that the Canadian labor market is facing, more than ever we are doing our best to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for our clients giving them the opportunity to thrive and prosper in Canada.” adds Dery.

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