Nexus Insurance Services Launches New Website

Nexus Insurance Services, a premier provider of professional liability insurance, has launched a new website to address the needs of doctors seeking resources and information about malpractice insurance.

Online PR News – 08-April-2010 – – Orange County, CA - Nexus Insurance Services is proud to announce a newly designed website dedicated to providing medical malpractice insurance resources and information for physicians.

This new website will serve the needs of physicians looking for more affordable malpractice insurance prices. The President of the United States has signed a new law for healthcare reform which has not addressed the rising cost of malpractice insurance.

Malpractice insurance prices have been known to carry premium costs for medical professionals such as physicians, neurosurgeons, obstetricians, and any high-risk specialist working in the medical field. These professionals can spend as much as six figures a year for insurance while premiums vary according to their specialty and the state they work in. Malpractice insurance covers a medical professional in the case of a lawsuit by a patient due to neglect or by a patient's family member in case of death.

"Medical malpractice insurance is an important part of the healthcare economy," says Michael Kataf of Nexus Insurance Services. "Malpractice insurance prices affect a doctor's bottom line, which in turn affects the level of service and rates that doctors charge their patients. Our new website will answer common questions about malpractice insurance and provide a way for doctors to get a quote to see if they're overpaying for insurance."

In order to keep malpractice insurance premiums down, Kataf advices that medical professionals should focus on preventative measures.

"It may take some time before medical malpractice insurance is a consideration in healthcare reform, so until then, medical professionals should come up with a system that will protect themselves from liability," Kataf says. "At Nexus Insurance Services, we help our clients by providing resources that educate them on preventative measures."

About Nexus Insurance Services

Nexus Insurance Services is a professional insurance broker that has helped many doctors, lawyers, realtors, and business owners gain access to insurance providers for their practice or business. The company's mission is to be a firm that brings real value to clients, builds personal relationships on top of business ones, and always conducts itself with sincerity, integrity and fairness. Because of the relationships with many providers, the company is able to shop a client's application around to get the best rates.