Nature’s Source Launches Vitamin D Disease-Fighting Solution

A high level of Vitamin D has been found effective at treating and preventing a remarkable number of daily ailments such high blood pressure and back pain, and most surprising, Influenza A.

Online PR News – 07-April-2010 – – Nature’s Source Corporation, a leading producer and online retailer of health and wellness products, today announced the addition of 34 new products to its supplement line, including a new high-potency Vitamin D 5000 IU.

“We have had a great deal of interest expressed this past year in producing a high-potency Vitamin D supplement”, says John Stogner, Nature’s Source cofounder. “Numerous health and disease-fighting benefits have been reported recently through study and clinical trials, beyond its well-known role in optimal bone health”.

In its newly-understood health role, a high level of Vitamin D has been found effective at treating, preventing, and even reversing a remarkable number of daily ailments, from high blood pressure to back pain, and in lessening the symptoms of chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.

More surprisingly, in the first drug-style clinical trial giving relatively large doses of the vitamin to children, Japanese researchers found it to be a potent flu-fighter. Those receiving it had a 42-per-cent reduction in the most severe type of flu, known as influenza A, compared to those without. The group not getting the vitamin also had six times more asthma attacks. High-levels of Vitamin D are also linked with a lower risk of colon cancer, according to a comparison of more than half a million Europeans published by the British Medical Journal.

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