Internet Marketing Strategies and Tips For Small Business: Case Study

SEO firm discloses Internet marketing strategies and tips for small business based on research, feedback and measurable results.

Online PR News – 07-April-2010 – – SEO firm offers Internet marketing tips and strategies for small business based on research, measurable results and feedback. These Internet marketing strategies and techniques use time tested best practice methods and are adaptable to the specialized needs of small businesses. What follows is part one of a four part study pertaining to off site Internet marketing. The focus of part one involves the use of Press Release distribution and Article submission marketing.

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Offsite Internet marketing: Basic goals of offsite Internet marketing include generating website traffic, attracting inbound links, engaging in interactivity and creating Internet visibility. With the objective of producing leads that become conversions.

Press Release and Article Marketing

Both have proven to be excellent methods for generating website traffic, creating Internet visibility and attracting organic inbound links. Relevant and popular press releases or articles experience a domino effect when they are picked up by other sites and redistributed. Many times they can find there way into 'Real Time' Google searches and live Twitter feeds. Lastly, independent studies have proven that not all free or paid press release and article submission sites are created equal. The following key features have shown to enhance results:

- Anchor text for inbound link building
- Meta Tag information or keyword listings
- Direct click website links for traffic generation
- Bookmarks for Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites

Independent research has also shown that a visually appealing format that presents newsworthy information in a professional manner will enhance results. Additionally, paying an upgrade fee to eliminate unwarranted advertising has proven to reap dividends. For a detailed statistical case study of the benefits of press release marketing and tips on how to write for results visit:


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