Vehicle Tracking Company Expanding Despite Recession

Vehicle tracking company SimplyTrak are undertaking a worldwide expansion, despite the current economic downturn.

Online PR News – 07-July-2009 – – vehicle tracking company SimplyTrak have expanded their operation to 18 countries across the world including much of Europe and several African and Middle Eastern nations such as Kenya, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

As developers of their own fleet management software, SimplyTrak are in the enviable position of being able to source both their own distribution and translators. Their software has already been translated into several languages including Arabic, German and Italian with further translations available upon request, giving this UK based company a truly global reach.

With a headquarters in Hull and a research and development centre in Salisbury, SimplyTrak are a debt free and rapidly expanding company dedicated to providing the best in vehicle tracking and management, with a simple yet effective user interface, highly detailed reports and instant alerts, the software makes tracking and managing assets in the field an easy yet comprehensive task.

“We do a lot of things differently to other companies in the market,” said Andrew Johnson CEO of Simplytrak. “We were the first to even talk about customer service and this is a service based industry.

“The Simplytrak system has been self-funded from day one; we control all aspects of our system, from unit design through installation and after sales care. We are also the only company to lease all units directly to our clients instead of using a third party lease provider, therefore we look after our customers and by reinvesting everything in this way, we have planned for the long-term.

“We had to look after our customers and by reinvesting everything in this way; we were all about long term thinking. Our foreign agents need to know they can rely on us and that if they have an issue we will resolve it immediately. Not concentrating on sales over substance is what has just landed us our biggest UK order to date and three new overseas agents this month.”

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