Eraser Max 5.0 helps Victims of Cyber Bullying

If you fear your child is being bullied with the use of Facebook, Twitter, or Google then I suggest you order Eraser Max 5.0 with free Teen Alerts.

Online PR News – 07-April-2010 – – Victims of Cyber Bullying

One of the many challenges facing parents of teen victims of Cyber Bullying is the fact that they only discovery the bullying once it has reached a point of unbearable for their child. Many teens simply never report this form of harassment to their parents out of a fear of reprisals from their attackers.

Then there is the now epidemic “Snitch” tag that so many teens fear getting label that many of them would rather endure the abuse rather than contacting school officials. All of this is enough to make you wonder how did we arrive at this point?

The answer lies deep within the walls of the nation’s high schools, but also trickles into the individual neighborhoods after school. We all have seen the horrible YouTube videos which capture 5 girls ganging up on one defenseless 15 year old girl while dozen of students form a Roman style theater. I even began to wonder if the explosion of Bullying cases across the country was the end result of students imitating the latest viral video sensation on YouTube.

With the most recent horrific case of bullying in Massachusetts I am now titling towards a belief that the viral videos on YouTube are simply the harsh reality of where we are as a nation.

This is part of the reason that I have advocated for parents to monitor the conversations of their teenagers. Some may consider chatter monitoring a violation of their teen’s privacy and trust, but as my mom use to say “as long as you’re under my roof you have no privacy.” Called it justifiable intrusion, but if the end results is you detecting that your child is being bullied or that you child is a bully then the minor violation of privacy was worth it.

The good news is there is a really simply way to monitor your teens online activity without them even knowing. Eraser Max 5.0 provided by Image Max PR will provide you with unlimited free Teen Alerts designed to notify you every time your child’s name is published on to the internet.

No matter if it’s a Blog, Forum, attack site, or negative Tweets, Eraser Max 5.0 will keep you informed the moment your child’s name hits the internet.