Werner International Enterprises Now Offering 10% Off Invoices Paid Within 30 Days

Werner International Enterprises, a nationwide lighting distributor, announces they will offer 10% off invoices paid within thirty days of purchase. Werner International has extended this offer to better serve its wide customer base.

Online PR News – 06-April-2010 – – BALTIMORE, MD - Werner International, a nationwide lighting distributor, will offer their customers 10% off invoices paid within thirty days of purchase.

This lighting distributor takes great pride in the fact that they are experts in the construction process of lighting fixtures and supplies. They have become a leader in their industry by selecting only the highest quality products from well-respected manufacturers.

In addition to being industry experts, Werner International also prides themselves in the quality of support they offer before and after the sale. Not only do they want their customers to be satisfied with their purchase, but they also want to give their customers the best possible deal available. By offering 10% off invoices paid within thirty days, they are giving their clients an incentive that benefits both the client as well as the company.

"At Werner International, we thoroughly appreciate and take pride in the business we receive. We understand times are tough right now, so we wanted to come up with an idea that would benefit our clients as well as our company, all while providing energy efficient and quality lighting fixtures," says Mike Miller from Werner International Enterprises.

As a premier lighting distributor, Werner International carries products ranging from fluorescent bulbs, incandescent bulbs, reflectors, compact fluorescent, high intensity bulbs and more. Experience the difference with fluorescent bulbs offering exceptional deals and models including T-4, T-8 U, as well as Circline bulbs. Incandescent bulbs offer visually pleasing light with a long-lasting element and carry all standard and non-standard sizes and wattages are available. Reflectors provide quality lighting at an exceptional value. Werner International carries eco-friendly compact fluorescent bulbs of all sizes that both screw in and plug in CF's, also in the process lowering power costs. High intensity bulbs including Sodium, Mercury and Metal Halide, provide a longer lasting bulb.

Werner International Enterprises has also gone to great lengths to become an eco-friendly company, with efforts including recycling as well as energy savings programs. They will provide their customers with a free energy assessment and calculate their savings by upgrading to energy efficient lighting, applying to corporate office space, warehouse and manufacturing floors or any facility imaginable. Replacing outdated and inefficient lighting fixtures and bulbs is a fantastic way to reduce the overall energy demand, helping everyone on the planet.

About Werner International:
Werner International Enterprises is a nationwide lighting distributor that provides quality, energy efficient lighting products. With over ten years of experience in the electrical and lighting industry, Werner International's sales team is well-educated in a wide variety of product information to ensure their customers are receiving products that meet their needs. This lighting company also offers an outstanding warranty on all of their products.

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