Top Selling Hypnosis for Relaxation CD is Now Available as a FREE mp3 Download.

Relax Away Your Stress and Bathe in Tranquillity is a unique Hypnosis relaxation CD, and is now available as a FREE hypnosis relaxation mp3. Using hypnosis for relaxation is a very powerful method of stress release because it takes the listener to an extremely deep level of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation – states company CEO.

Online PR News – 07-April-2010 – – The latest hypnosis CD to be released as a FREE hypnosis mp3, by 'The Miracle of Self-Healing' publishing company, is now available as an instant download. This hypnotic relaxation recording has been sold in stores and by direct mail for nearly 10 years as a hypnosis/hypnotic CD. But it is now available as a free hypnotic mp3 download. What's more, hypnosis relaxation mp3's have the advantage that they can be downloaded from the internet upon demand.

The company's CEO Christine MacDonald stated, “Hypnosis for stress release is a very popular method of relaxing and unwinding at the end of the working day for many people. And this hypnosis relaxation CD has always been a top seller. So now that it's available as a free download we anticipate that in the next 12 months there'll be over 200,000 downloads of this recording alone from our website”.

This latest hypnosis for relaxation recordings is by retired Harley Street hypnotherapist Steven Luzern. Moreover, 'The Miracle of Self-Healing' publishing company started publishing his hypnosis recordings on audio cassette, then as times changed progressed on to CD and now as instant hypnotic mp3 downloads.

The owners of the website believe the internet offers an unparalleled opportunity to share knowledge and information throughout the word and the more companies that provide genuinely FREE information through the internet the more enhanced and useful the internet becomes for everyone. This is why they publish as many free hypnosis mp3 recordings as they can, and this latest hypnosis for relaxation recording is bound to be another of their extremely popular free hypnotic downloads.

A FREE copy available by following link below

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