Car Insurance Premiums - Cost of Running a Car Continues to Rise

Research figures on the average annual cost of running a car has increased by 9% since October 2009 from £2,338 to 2,539. The overall cost of car insurance premiums and the escalating price of fuel means that this figure is by no means the highest that UK motorists can expect it to reach in the coming months.

Online PR News – 06-April-2010 – – Sainsbury’s Finance section has revealed that car insurance has risen 11 percent and fuel has similarly rocketed 10 percent in just a five month period. As part of their research, it was also noted that motorists spend an average of £1,400 per year on petrol or diesel for their cars.

According to Sainsbury’s Finance, the combination of insurance, fuel and repair price increases has forced motorists to pay 20% more to maintain their vehicles than in September 2007.

Ben Tyte, Sainsbury’s car insurance spokesman, said: "The cost of motoring has soared in recent months as all costs, but particularly fuel prices and insurance premiums, continue to rise.

"The cost of driving can be kept better in check by shopping around, particularly for car insurance and servicing."

April 1st also so the implementation of the new vehicle excise duty tax which all adds to the increasing cost of keeping all four wheels in one piece. is managed by a team of car insurance professionals and car enthusiasts. Our aim is to enable you to find all the information you need to get a competitive UK car insurance quote. With over 50 UK motor insurance providers, you can be sure of finding the quote and the information you need.