DailyObjets.com launches Accessories for iPad Mini, iPod Nano, Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy

DailyObjects as always launch the accessory for recently launched Gagdets. Followed by iPhone 5, Galaxy Not 2 now it's turn for Apple family's new member iPad Mini. Buy online among 100+ cases.

Online PR News – 10-December-2012 – 12 December Delhi – DailyObjets.com launches Accessories for iPad Mini, iPod Nano, Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy

With the Gadget market streaming with new launches every single day and the recent launch of iPad Mini, iPod Nano7, iPod Touch 5G, Samsung Note2, Or Nokia’s Lumia Series, DailyObjects.com (India’s First Online Accessory Store) after the successful first launch of Note2 accessories has been the first again to launch the widest range of accessories for iPad Mini, iPod Nano7 and iPod Touch 5G in the market. DailyObjects has in its offering a variety of accessories ranging from Connecting cables to Screen Guards to Colorful Cases to Charging Devices to Designer Stands to radiation free Retro Handsets etc.

Right Color for the Right Occasion – With a quirky colorful alternative to the status quo basic black and white cheap cases in the market, DailyObjects offers an array of happy colors and a varied range of cases suiting individual personalities, various moods and adventurous lifestyles.

Quality: There is no reason for you to have an expensive and impeccably designed gadget and team it up with a sub standard accessory. The brands sold at DailyObjects like Griffin, Gecko, Rock, Capdase, Belkin are majorly international brands known for their aesthetic appeal, color combinations and adherence to best in the industry quality standards.

Uncompromised functionality –DailyObjects Customers love their accessories as it offers them an opportunity to look cool without compromising on the functionality. All these accessories not only offer additional care to your beloved gadgets that they truly deserve but also adds to the functionality of your device.

The following are the best of the offerings at DailyObjects that will have you raving:

• iPod Nano 7-Griffin Cases with Carabineer Hooks

• iPod touch 5G-Multicoloured and (Glow in the Dark) Cases from Gecko and Screen Guards for Front and the Back

• iPad Mini- Built in Stand Flexible Series Cases from Rock, Bubble Free and Matt Finish Screen Guards from Gecko and Self Healing Screen Guards from Griffin

• iPhone5- Eye CANDY cases in Quirky colors from International Brands like X Doria, Promate, The Joy Factory, Krusell, Griffin, Gecko.

With an expertise in the accessories domain, DailyObjects has finally ventured into an untapped segment of Car accessories offering the widest range of Car Accessories like Tyre Inflator, Car Cleaning Kits, HID lights, Fog Lights, Car Perfumes, Seat Cushions, Vaccum Cleaners, Door Visors Etc from renowned brands like Kenwood, JVC, Sony, Areon, AmbiPur, P8 etc in India.

About DailyObjects:

DailyObjects is the first of its kind store that offers simple and effective solutions to un complicate your daily needs. A store is finally here that not just sells accessories but lets you choose the right accessories. DailyObjects with a stringent 24 Hours shipping policy generally delivers the products within 3-4 working days using premium Courier Services like Fedex, BlueDart etc. In case of not liking the product, DailyObjects offers absolutely free exchange and return policy with an option to get your money back within 3 working days flat.