Listen Closely: New Custom Earbud Company To Finally Deliver

Many people are looking for new earbuds to replace their old ones, but not sure where to turn to? A new company founded by an 18 year old have discovered the formula to enhanced music.

Online PR News – 10-December-2012 – New York, NY – It may seem shocking to some, or it may seem natural to others. But people are getting tired of using the same old pair or earphones to listen to the music they love. A survey taken discovered that college students spend approximately 30% of their free time listening to music from their iPhones or iPods. Of all these students, most of them will listen to music from their computers while doing homework or at home relaxing. It is no surprise that since these students spend 1/3rd of their time listening to music, they demand better quality earbuds.

With a huge amount of time allocated to listening to the music we love, why not get better pair of earphones? The findings gleamed from this study reveals that most earbuds they use are the ones that come with the device they bought. Most students never bothered to take a second look at the alternative earbud companies selling earbuds out there despite their dissatisfaction.

"I am astonished by the amount of attention that has recently come to light regarding this matter," one student said. "Teenagers are far more likely to complain about their current headphones and how they are unsatisfactory to use"

One of the major reasons cited is: They break easily. Most of the time, these teenagers, having gotten home from a game of soccer or basketball, will casually toss their headphones aside. Other times, they may leave them in their pockets, sitting on them, and causing them to break.

"This demonstrates once again," a spokesperson says for the company, "The importance of having good quality earphones that support a healthy lifestyle of listening along with lasting a long time."

A good pair of earbuds will last a long time and people will always give these out to friends as gift. Friends will usually remember those who provide them with an unforgettable experience. That's what these earbuds can do for friends.

These earphones are becoming obsolete and outdated. Many times people want high quality sound and music. They want to feel the bass and hear the tremble, and feel part of the music. Yet they don't have the money to spend on expensive brands such as Sennheizer or Boss or Beats. It's important to use quality earbuds based on experience and not just style.

With the high price for these simple devices, it's difficult to find high quality providers at a cheap price. Yet, A company founded by 18 year old entrepreneur in Boston has invented a system for people to pick out the exact earphone colors they would like. At just under $30, the quality is much better than the traditional earphones on the market. They have a lifetime guarantee - that if you can run it over with a car - you get a new one free.