Economic solution to edit HD FLV H.264 in Adobe Premiere

Moyea announced import plug-in tool with HD FLV H.264 for users with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, CS3, 2.0, 1.5, 1.0 and Premiere Elements 8, 7, 4, 3 to edit FLV in Premiere and F4V with other files.

Online PR News – 06-April-2010 – – Kunshan, China - Moyea Software today launched the import plug-in for Adobe Premiere to add FLV video with H.264/AVC codec for editing and composing HD FLV video on most versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements. This fills the gap of the import file support of H.264 FLV in Adobe Premiere.

Flash video is widely used for online display and presentation. There are generally two kinds of formats for Flash video: FLV and F4V. FLV video could be coded with different codec like Sorenson Spark H.263, On2 VP6, H.264/AVC, MP3, Nellymoser and ADPCM. Even though Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 now supports FLV and F4V, there are still some FLV videos that Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 does not support, not to say the older versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements. For example, FLV videos with H.264 as video codec or Nellymoser as audio codec are not supported. Moyea Software introduced the FLV importer for most Adobe Premiere users to easily import most FLV videos they would encounter.

"There are some customers who erase or delete the original video files after uploading to website or the videos are from a friend, website or so on. Some videos are in FLV H.264 which is not supported yet by Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. With the enhanced support to HD FLV video like FLV H.264 and F4V, the importer plug-in enables users to edit FLV in Premiere together with other files in different format in Adobe Premiere." said Pipu, the product manager of Moyea Importer for Adobe Premiere.

The import plug-in does not only help user import FLV H.264 to Adobe Premiere in versions like Adobe Adobe Premiere Pro CS4/CS3/2.0/1.5/1.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 8/7/4/3, but also help users who do not have Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 to import F4V video for editing. After installing the plug-in tool, users can import the FLV H.264 video, F4V video just like other video formats and drag to timeline for creation.

Price and Availability
Moyea Importer for Adobe Premiere is the import plug-in for the Windows version Adobe Premiere Pro CS4/CS3/2.0/1.5/1.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 8/7/4/3. It is available to buy from . With as low as $69.95 USD, user can get the full version to enjoy the editing and composing of more files in Adobe Premiere.
There is try-before-you-buy version at
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