We build together the virtual House of CSR for St. Dimitrie Day Care Centre

Bucharest located St. Dimitrie Foundation has launched an inventive fundraising online project addressed to the socially responsible companies.

Online PR News – 10-December-2012 – Bucharest, Romania – Companii pentru Copii (Companies for Children) project, whose happy-end will be the foundation Day Care Centre having its first own location after 14 years of work in and for the community, is online at www.CompaniipentruCopii.ro

The webpage is designed as a pictogram, a house whose front wall will be rebuilt from the logos/brands of the sponsors, with links to the companies' websites. Periodically, the "bricks" automatically change their place, so that they practically occupy each corner of the virtual house. The value of a virtual "brick" is 400 euro, and the amount aimed to be raised through the project is 200.000 Euro. Four companies have laid 10 "bricks" in the virtual house until now, among which ACCA South-Eastern Europe, ZenithOptimedia and Saatchi & Saatchi.

CompaniipentruCopii.ro is addressed to all the companies, no matter their size, no matter if they have or not CSR departments, no matter if they are located in Romania, in EU or elsewhere. CompaniipentruCopii.ro is the most beautiful "thank you" webpage St. Dimitrie Foundation can offer to the companies which care about the children in need.

About St. Dimitrie Day Care Centre
• In 14 years of existence the Bucharest Centre has helped more than 2500 children in need and their families
• Currently, 35 children (aged 7 - 14) come daily to the Centre for educational, psychological and social support, while other 15 are helped regularly
• The Day Care centre daily activities are supported by donours, grants, and by Deco Art, an Authorized Protected Unit for youth with disabilities, settled by St. Dimitrie Foundation in 2007
• St. Dimitrie Foundation is authorized by the Romanian Labour Ministry to deliver social services to vulnerable children and youth

Information in English about St. Dimitrie Foundation: http://www.fundatiasfantuldimitrie.ro/pagini/ongoing-projects-1.php
FB: https://www.facebook.com/CompaniipentruCopii
Photo gallery: http://www.companiipentrucopii.ro/povestea