Ocelot Atlanta Launches A Golfer’s Tail and Gives Back To Homeless Cats and Dogs Everywhere by Donating 10 Percent of the Books Profits to No-kill Shelters

A Must Read For Cat and Golf Lovers Everywhere

Online PR News – 06-April-2010 – – Atlanta, GA, April 5, 2010 - Ocelot Atlanta LLC is pleased to announce the publication of A Golfer’s Tail, the whimsical story of Roscoe Watkins’ greatest year on the Feline Golf Association (“FGA”) Tour. In 1998, Roscoe, a large gray-striped tabby cat from Atlanta, was already considered the greatest feline golfer of all time, having one multiple major tournaments in each year that he competed, including winning the Grand Slam (all four major tournaments) of the FGA Tour in 1995.

By 1998, Roscoe had reached the age of twelve and, having accomplished all of his goals in golf, was considering retiring to a life of leisure. However, a brash young challenger from Japan, Ichiro Nakamura, would not let Roscoe retire in peace. Taking to the airwaves nightly on The Cat Golf Channel (“TCGC”) and Cat Sports Programming Network (“CSPN”), Nakamura loudly proclaimed himself to be the best golfer in the world. Nakamura advised Roscoe to retire because he was too old to compete at the highest level.

Spurred on by Nakamura’s challenge, Roscoe rose to the occasion and announced on New Year’s Day that he would not retire, but would play only in the four majors on the regular FGA Tour and the four majors on the wildly popular Senior Tour (open to competitors age 10 or higher). The press quickly perceived that Roscoe sought to win the Grand Slam on both tours in a single year, and dubbed Roscoe’s effort “The Quest for the Double Slam.”

In order to accomplish the Quest, Roscoe, accompanied by his sister and caddy Maggie, would not only have to take on Nakamura, but other tough competitors including Mioshi Murata from Japan (Roscoe’s best friend on Tour and author of the Forward to the book), Crocodile Mahoney from Australia, Sandy McTabby from Scotland, Cyril (“Lord Sandtrap”) Bunker from England, Laddie Campbell from New Zealand, Murph McFurrson, and senior legends Buster (“Scratch”) McNabb and Old Tom Norris.

A Golfer’s Tail brings the Quest to life in Roscoe’s own words. Along the way, Roscoe shares his thoughts on the state of the feline golf tour, and, for all frustrated golfers, the one and only true secret to playing better golf.

Order your copy of A Golfer’s Tail for only -$15.99 on CreateSpace and on Amazon .

The book’s official website, which includes rare photos of Roscoe and Maggie, can be found at http://www.greatestcatgolfer.com.

Ocelot Atlanta will donate 10 percent of its profits from the book to no-kill shelters for cats and dogs.

Media Contact:
John Watkins, President
Roscoe Watkins, Author
Ocelot Atlanta LLC

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