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Online PR News – 08-December-2012 – Beverly Hills, CA – There was a song called "Hozanna he builds a house" sung by an old Calypso singer Harry Belafonte the lyrics of which went:

House built on a sand foundation
It will fall, oh yes…….
House built on a rock foundation
It will stand, oh yes

...and it is true. If one looks at old buildings, those that are still standing, all of them have a strong and deep foundation or are built on rock. Look at the Parthenon in Athens, it managed to hold up while canons being fired at it were able to destroy some of the marble, the structure remained standing and in tact.

In Africa few structures from ancient times remain with the exception of the Zimbabwe ruins which were all stone and of course the pyramids and the ruins of Luxor in Egypt who had an ancient civilization and employed millions of slaves to bring the rock and assemble it.

If one looks at a country like Japan, which does have an ancient civilization, then this rule is not necessarily true. Many of the structures the Japanese created up until modern times have fallen into ruin and most other structures were built of wood and only meant to last 20 years or so. The reason for this is that the land itself is subject to constant severe tremors and every now and then a severe earthquake rocks the land and causes severe damage and many of these wooden structures collapse.

In Geologically stable places, like much of Africa and Europe and most of the United States, houses and structures which have been built on firm foundations can be expected to last and withstand natural eart movements much better. This, sadly, is not true of California. As we all know there is a major fault line that runs through California and thus the ground often has tremors, so there is much work for a Foundation Repair company.

Now these tremors are mostly minor but they can cause some cracking and shifting in home walls. If you have seen cracks developing or if you are uncertain as to the strength and durability of the foundations under your home than you are encouraged to make an appointment to have them checked and if necessary arrange to have a foundation contractor or a drainage contractor undertake a repair..

If one is in the process of buying or selling a home, or when subcontracting for another contractor, there is a small charge for the inspection which will be credited back if and when any repair work is completed, and waved if a healthy business relationship is developed. In all other instances the inspection is free.

There are a number of different repairs that can be undertaken in the foundation repair of a home from the reasonably quick and easy House Bolting, foundation repair and house leveling all of which, while important in themselves are fairly straightforward. Far more drastic work is required in some cases which may involve a full foundation replacement or the creation of a sister foundation, or concrete pads to add strength to existing foundations.

The California Foundation works is a professional foundation repair contractor who are experienced and capable of undertaking this type of work thus ensuring that one of your major assets does not fall down on top of you and your family.