Numerous updates have been implemented to enhance users interaction

Online PR News – 08-December-2012 – Palmer – The new social network launching a few months ago is now releasing it second round of updates and new feature implementation. The news comes as no surprise as it is working to gain its place in the ever competitive social media market. Facebook and Twitter were not famous overnight so it may not come as a surprise to see a new site creeping up soon. The founder of the site just recently spoke with a California radio at the University of California Irvine about the upcoming events. The new features are a new video section, photo sharing area, and a new updated marketplace. Videos are a very popular way for people to share things now and with the sites new video area it is delivering an easy sharing experience. Users can upload videos directly to their profile or they may share their YouTube channel videos with URL specific display. The point of the video channel is to allow users to cross share from YouTube so that they do not have duplicate uploads. Once the site gains more popularity the hopes are that the videos will be uploaded directly at Glowtrend. A stunningly cool display of features videos is shown in the area and at the main feed section of the site. A upgraded photo section too has the been implemented which shows numerous different types of filtered photo options. The user can upload photos and chose the privacy settings as needed. For the photos that are allowed for public they are displayed in the photo forum area which is unique. This photo area could have potential to have a somewhat of an Pinterest aspect to it. The photo once uploaded have different display which sort into most viewed, most commented and most liked. Here too the site displays featured photos in a rotating player which shuffles randomly. The newly updated marketplace gives the users a more efficient way to sell their items online. The section has a feeling of Craigslist with a touch of Ebay. When adding items or services the user may upload photos and even has the option to accept payment through their Paypal account linking to their products. Glowtrend has on their homepage the description of the site being an advanced social networking experience. While it is showing a great potential of being the next big site it is too showing parts of advanced social networking. This site will be a definite one to keep an eye on. Glowtrend is quick, easy and free to join. To check out the site go to: .