Technocrane Inc. Announces New BIGMAX Line of Outrigger Stabilizers

Garden Bay, B.C - December 08, 2012 Technocrane introduced BIGMAX outrigger stabilizers. For immediate release.

Online PR News – 08-December-2012 – Garden Bay, B.C – Technocrane has introduced a new line of BIGMAX outrigger stabilizers ( to serve the North American market. BIGMAX stabilizers come in many different configurations and sizes. They are used as the main or auxiliary stabilizer for trucks mounted cranes, service bodies as well as many other types of mobile equipment including water and oil exploration derricks, sign post drivers, military missile launchers and transport trailers.

Todd Slobogean, the CEO of Technocrane Inc., believes that the BIGMAX line fills a gap in the market. “Our research shows that there is a demand for a complete range of outrigger stabilizers. Body builders, equipment installers and OEMs want to purchase just the right stabilizer for their application. They also want stabilizers that are well priced, well designed and engineered to meet stringent safety standards.”

Mr. Slobogean says, “Most stabilizers today are designed and manufactured by crane or other equipment companies specifically for the mobile machinery they manufacture. This means that only a few models are produced, at low volumes and relatively high costs. Also, many outriggers are manufactured from low tensile steels making them unnecessarily bulky and heavy – not great features for companies wanting to increase payload and decrease fuel costs.”

BIGMAX outrigger stabilizers can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ from Technocrane as a complete assembly. The line includes more than 50 models with variations to suit most applications. For example, BIGMAX stabilizers can be ordered with a beam which connects both stabilizer legs and mounts across the chassis, under the body, or as “C” series stabilizer legs only. Other options include hydraulic lateral extensions, variable and adjustable leg heights and tilt-up legs where stowed ground clearance is important.

The “C” series leg kits are particularly suitable for mounting to pre-existing structures and applications that do not require lateral extension of the beam. They include a pre-piped holding valve, a vertically adjustable clamp feature and a mounting flange which can be bolted or welded to the main structure of the machine.

BIGMAX stabilizers are light in weight and rugged because they are manufactured using high tensile fine grained steel. They are cost effective because they are manufactured in higher volumes, using production line technology. BIGMAX stabilizers are also designed to meet international safety standards which require safety lock valves and spring loaded lateral extension latches. All BIGMAX products are guaranteed with a two year warranty.

Technocrane has just launched a website dedicated to BIGMAX outrigger stabilizers. Ann Svendsen, VP Marketing says, “We are geared up to ship stabilizers anywhere in North America. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help with selecting and ordering outrigger stabilizers and we can often ship from stock within 24 hours.”

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