New Social Networking Site Created by Stank Records

Social Networking Site One of the Newest Ones To Keep In Touch Through the Internet.

Stank Records announces the release of “tha'Midwest” (, a fun and useful social networking service that is optimized for both web and mobile phone interaction.

Online PR News – 07-July-2009 – – Stank Records announces the release of “tha'Midwest” (, a fun and useful social networking service that is optimized for both web and mobile phone interaction.

The most common woes from online social networking services are caused by the lull between the times that your contacts are online. By practice, they would have to go online, check their email notifications for new alerts, and then respond. tha'Midwest reduces this wait time by allowing your social network to be up to date anywhere where there is a US mobile carrier signal that supports AdvaMobile; the mobile structure integrated into tha'Midwest.

tha'Midwest takes social networking to the next level by introducing a gateway to all your friends with the power of text messaging. Members are able to create user profiles, upload pictures, create and join interest groups, send messages to old friends and make new ones – not just on the computer, but also through their mobile phones. A member only needs a phone capable of sending and receiving text messages to avail of the service.

Because tha'Midwest is available through the web and optimized for viewing on mobile phones, subscribers of supported US carriers can register and make use of all the online services either through their web browsers or through a simplified text messaging version on their mobile phones. In addition, members can opt to receive message alerts via text message when a new event has taken place such as group announcements, group replies and private messages.

The ability to create public and private interest groups adds a whole new dimension to organizing events and keeping friends and family updated on the latest developments:

“This is the next step in wireless community building,” says Vince T. Yamat, webmaster of tha'Midwest. “The very fact that you can access your group of friends from anywhere with a cell signal opens up creative possibilities whether it be to find help-on-the-go or indulging in casual banter. Let’s say you are in dire need of advice as to what computer to buy. All you need to do is send a message to your entire group, which is then posted on the online forum. All group members who have mobile phone access can then reply with their buying advice, and it’s instantaneous. Imagine the possibilities!”

Creating user groups is the task of a group moderator who can initiate forum topics which are open to participation by anyone in the group, whether it is about current events, hobbies, music reviews or opinions. This makes the service appealing for a feedback tool, an organization support group and after-hours chill time. “This is where tha'Midwest works its magic,” says Yamat. “Interest groups tend to link and build up on a viral scale. Since the service can be delivered straight to your phone, it makes the level of interactivity more appealing because it can’t get any more personal than that.”

Apart from being easy to use, tha'Midwest is also safe. Members activities are constantly monitored and even the slightest activity that goes against the Christian principles the site was created on is cause for up to a permanent ban from the site. Members also have the option to turn off notifications and block or unblock messages from being sent to their account.