InBoundMarketingPR Updates Inbound Marketing Resources for Small Companies

InBoundMarketingPR updates a variety of inbound marketing resources on their website. Resources include demise of email marketing for stock promotion, call to action pages and social media platforms

Online PR News – 05-April-2010 – – InBoundMarketingPR announced an update to resources for small private and publicly traded companies today. InBoundMarketingPR's resources include social and digital media marketing, search engine optimization, search marketing and use of social media platforms for companies looking to build their brand awareness across the Internet. InBoundMarketingPR posts 3-4 new resources in the form of blogs each week to increase knowledge and awareness of Web 2.0 marketing methods.

RM Sorg's blog of Thursday, 1 April included 5 ways to maximize return on investment (ROI) for small companies using landing pages or calls to action (CTA) pages. Page optimization, text, page illustrations, and page placement are covered in the blog. The use of landing pages and call to action pages is a staple of contemporary marketing methodology.

Tom Allinder posted two blogs; one on promotion of small company stocks and the demise of email marketing for investor relations efforts as well as promotional campaigns. Website optimization, news release optimization, and skillful use social media platforms as an alternative are discussed. Attracting and engaging an audience is a much more effective means for brand awareness than traditional methods such as advertising and email.

The second blog, posted today, is in the form of a slide show which is a real-world study of effective use of social media platforms for publicly traded companies. In a period of three months, one client company is seeing outstanding results on social media platforms with regard to brand, product and technology interest. The fact that the company is being found on social media platforms and able to interact with an audience is putting the company head and shoulders above its peers in the micro cap market.

InBoundMarketingPR is an Inbound Marketing Public Relations Company that specializes in brand building such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, website design and redesign, social media and content development and marketing. InBoundMarketingPR's niche is publicly traded companies but serves businesses of all types and sizes.

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