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AFP have over 17 years experience in the manufacture & supply of aluminium rainwater & roofline systems. We have expanded through internal growth & strive to become the leading company in the manufacture & supply of aluminium rainwater & roofline products.

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In the present century, AFP is the leading name in the field of manufacturing and supply of aluminium rainwater & roofline systems. Over the past 17 years, the company has witnessed significant growth rate and still they are striving their best to carve out own niche in the industry.

Initially a business run by a family, AFP was based out in the Northern part of Nottinghamshire. Since, it’s inception, the company has been offering high quality of installation and fabrication services for Aluminium Rainwater Systems UK.. Putting special emphasis on design and seamless installation, AFP has worldwide fame to conform to all the standard systems in the industry. With rooflines increasing in popularity, AFP has now adopted essential measures to incorporate exclusive shapes, styles and colours so that the visual effect becomes apparent.

AFP is the leading provider of the following services.

Aluminium Guttering Systems- The pioneer in the field of aluminium guttering systems, AFP maintains an in-house team of engineers and designers. Thus, delivering each project with desired specification and quickest turnaround time is not a problem. Importance is given to the installation process right from the initial stage of development. AFP has been catering to the customers need for years now cording to their diverse needs. In fact, the company has garnered worldwide fame in providing cost-effective and highly customized solution to any roofline complication.

Apart from the premier quality of aluminium gutters, AFP’s comprehensive range of products also includes the following:

Wall Cappings- AFP is also known or providing exclusive kind of wall capping, made from quality aluminium gutters. These are extraordinary, cost-effective and practical solution to aid waterproofing, when it comes to perimeter as well as parapet walls. Catering to individual requirements, the wall cappings provided by AFP are available with RAL Polyester Powder Coated colours, and Mill finish. The fabricated wall cappings are featured with corners angles and welded stop ends. As a result, the smooth finish on the front face can be easily achieved.

Rainwater hopper heads- The aluminum rainwater systems comprise of the major production line of AFP. The extensive range of Rainwater Hopper Heads at AFP is available in various size, colour and specific features. According to the needs and preferences of the customers, there is a wide selection of patterned designs, with a little touch of personalization.

Soffits and fascias- A comprehensive range of soffit and fascia systems are also included in the product line of AFP. Manufactured from the profiled aluminium fascia and Soffits, these are undoubtedly a cost-efficient system, which seamlessly increases the productivity level. The fascia and Soffits produced from aluminium requires little maintenance and at the same time highly resistant to any kind of corrosion. AFP’s systems are known to be unique in their own way and they are perfectly in line with the given specifications. Moreover, the products can be easily coordinated with the colour scheme of the roofline systems, which enhances the aesthetic of the project all the more.

Seamless guttering- AFP is also a leading provider of seamless guttering systems. Seamless guttering is an unbroken length of guttering which can be fitted effortlessly up to 35m of length. Being an outstanding guttering, there is no joint visible, which at the same time lessens the chance of outflow. There are hidden brackets, which are kept inside the seamless guttering. Quite obviously, it can provide the required support to the guttering and at the same time helps maintaining a smooth surface. At AFP, the Aluminium seamless guttering is manufactured on site, which conforms to the precise measurements and rolled format. Moreover, it is pre-painted on either side. What’s more! The seamless guttering is perfect for both plastic and wooden fascia systems. With exclusive designs, rise & fall brackets are also attached with it, so that it can be effectively used for traditional as well as modern property.

Seamless guttering is resistant to corrosion and can last for over thirty five years. Thus, it is widely popular as well. With a protective coating of aluminum oxide seamless guttering is also resistant to diverse atmospheric conditions. The polyester powder coating makes it durable.

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