Psychological Training at Establishing the Bonds of Trust
04/06/2010 arranges a month-long program of psychological training for its employees.

Online PR News – 06-April-2010 – – It is no secret that being a custom writer is one of the most nervous and responsible jobs. Many hopes are bound in every piece of custom writing and sometimes the stakes are so high that even the most hard-hearted writers cannot stand this burden. The administration of knows this all too well. This is why company management has decided to arrange a complex psychological training for its employees to ease this burden.
Therefore, the administration of has formed a small but solid group of the best psychotherapists available. The meetings between them and professional writers have been held on a regular basis for more than a month; and even the representatives of company management were guests at these sessions.
The main focus of the psychological training consisted of several blocks: developing mutual trust, easing relationships between employees and forming new bonds of friendship and, of course, psychological relaxation.
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