Book-Doctor Helps Head-Doctors Get Published

Los Angeles psychotherapist and published author writes book to help other mental health professionals get published.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Los Angeles, California – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA. Thousands of mental health professionals have years of valuable experience and expertise packed in their heads -- enough to fill a dozen books – but they never write it down. When it comes to actually putting what they know on paper and getting it published, most mental health professionals are at a total loss. They are clueless about the mechanics of how publishing is done, and they are too busy being therapists to find out. They need a little help from a publishing expert who knows their business. And when it comes to all the new publishing options, they throw up their hands and run for the nearest therapist’s couch.

Well, a newly published book is finally here to help, “The Therapist Writer: Helping Mental Health Professionals Get Published” by Sylvia Cary, LMFT, a licensed psychotherapist and the author of five books. "The Therapist Writer," the first how-to book on writing to focus on therapist writers, is jam-packed with writing information on how to pick topics, how to decide on genres, zero in on salable angles, and factor in on what’s already been written about. There are chapters on how to structure a query letter, write a book proposal, find an agent, pick a publisher, and even become a small “indie” publisher yourself so you can by-pass agents and other gate-keepers who keep saying no

Of particular value to mental health professionals who want to write books are chapters on:
• the perks of get published for therapists
• how therapists can start building a platform
• special issues such as maintaining client confidentiality
• legal issues, such as trademarks and copyrights
• finding the right audience for their book
• how to market the book once it’s published – the most important job of all

“Getting a book published is the quickest way for a mental health professional (or anyone in any business) to become known as an expert,” says Cary. “I did it. Others have done it. You can do it.”

"The Therapist Writer: Helping Mental Health Professionals Get Published" (Timberlake Press, 2012 ) 216 pages. #ISBN 97809828847-99. Available on and Kindle.

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