Toddy Gear “Rings” in the Holidays With New Seasonal Designs

Six holiday-inspired designs join the ranks of the Toddy Wedge and Smart Cloth

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Chicago, IL – Toddy Gear is now selling its popular Toddy Smart Cloth and Wedge for a limited time featuring designs from the new “Season’s Cleanings” collection. Midnight Moose, Peppo, and Winter Wonderland Smart Cloths bring the festive side to cleaning electronics screens, while Santa, Rudolph, and Elf Wedges will happily cradle hand-held devices. These functional and fashionable microfiber cleaning products make fantastic stocking stuffers for family, friends, and coworkers.

The Wedge is an innovative and practical accessory for a number of electronic devices, home items, and mobile products. A triangular-shaped beanbag, it not only hold your device up for optimal viewing at home or the office, but also delivers cleaning capabilities for fingerprints, smudges, dust, and germs. The surface of the Wedge is crafted from plush and silk microfiber fabric which is treated with an antibacterial AEGIS Micro Shield coating. This multi-faceted feature makes the Wedge™ a convenient and functional tech accessory.

The Smart Cloth is a pocket-friendly, dual-sided microfiber cleaning cloth. It delivers a convenient means for keeping important items including mobile device screens, glasses lenses, TV screens and automobile interiors dirt and smudge free. Available in 9”x 9” or 5” x 7” sizes, Smart Cloths feature an antimicrobial coating, just as the Wedge, to also protect from germs and bacteria. The Smart Cloth is machine washable to you can use if over and over again for all your cleaning applications.
Wedges and Smart Cloths come in over 50 handcrafted designs and styles to match any personality. The Wedge can be purchased for $14.99 and the Smart Cloth is $9.99 for the 5x7 and $14.99 for the 9x9. There is no need for liquids or sprays; use the plush microfiber side on each product to clean and remove smudges, and the patterned silk microfiber side to buff and polish. The uses are endless, and you’ll soon find that you can’t leave home without Toddy Gear!

About Toddy Gear
Toddy Gear is an innovative and fashionable tech accessories brand that is dedicated to cleaning your screen and coloring your world. The company is the manufacturer of The Toddy Cloth and Toddy Wedge, two microfiber, antimicrobial solutions that deliver smart and stylish ways to clean and polish screens of hand-held electronic and high-tech gear. Companies also have the ability to customize the Toddy Wedge or Smart Cloth with their own logo or tagline in order to deliver a powerful promotional tool. The Toddy Wedge and Smart Cloth are available worldwide through,, and Target and Radio Shack retail stores.