Ikies Traditional Houses Embrace the splendour of Cycladic Architecture

Resembling a fascinating stage set, the Cycladic Architecture is undoubtedly as distinctive and stunning as each and every one of the captivating Cycladic Islands.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Athens, Greece – Ikies traditional houses in Santorini (http://www.ikies.com/) provide a wonderful example of the Cycladic architectural style and invite travellers to bathe in the radiant ambience of luxurious authenticity.
Reflecting the roots of the Cycladic civilization the splendid Cycladic architecture dates back to 3300-2000 BC being the cradle of the art of architecture along with the exquisite Minoan and Mycenaean structural design. Cycladic architecture is oriented to meet the everyday needs of the inhabitants, to utilize the resources of space and to reveal the splendour of the Cycladic landscape.
As a charming compact mass of white-stark cubes, the brilliantly, unembellished, white washed buildings with the narrow or broad façades magically shine against the cerulean backdrop of the Aegean. The blue cobalt windows and colourful hand painted doors, the multi-hued flowers on the pots of the balconies and flagstone stairs create an illusional contrast of colours and shapes, an abstract art painting to adorn the soul.
Looking as if grown from the rocky grounds of the earth the Cycladic buildings are irregularly aligned, perched on the hills and designed with arches and interior curves for the economic use of space. Engulfed by the captivating volcanic landscape Santorini is a fine example of the Cycladic architectural grace, so beautiful, so overwhelming, like no other place on earth.
Discerning travellers are welcome to discover the secrets of Cycladic architectural refinement while residing at one of the most luxury hotels in Santorini and embrace authenticity and tradition from their own luxury apartment in Santorini. Expediently situated in the scenic village of Oia, Ikies Traditional Houses offer a charming range of accommodation in Santorini for vacationers seeking an island sanctuary steeped in luxury.
From the unique atmosphere oozing romance to the intimate and personalized service, the wonderful location and miraculous vistas to the indigo sea and the dramatic Santorinian scenery, Ikies welcomes travellers to paint their own picture perfect memories. Holidaymakers are invited to assemble their holiday colour puzzle with pieces from the scarlet sunset, the cobalt sea, the azure sky and the blue and white signature colours of Cycladic architecture.