One gutsy man fights back Joseph Kony’s LRA in Ray Anyasi’s new book.

In 2010, Joseph Dahr, a middle aged ex-soldier in attempts to rescue from the LRA his wife and son who were abducted from his eastern DR Congo village.
The theme of the story is: it is hard, even impossible, to defeat a man who will never give up.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Ijegun, Lagos. – In late 2008, Anyasi took interest in and began to closely observe the activities of the various rebel groups in Africa, especially in Uganda, DRC and Somalia. He thought the focus by many observers had been concentrated on the general effects of the crises. Like how it affects the region’s economy, the humanitarian crises they provoke, and other general security issues. Anyasi then thought it would be interesting and perhaps necessary to closely look into the personal issues, the way it directly affects the regular everyday people who sadly find themselves on the receiving end of this mayhem. He did just that in Ujasiri.
The book is a fiction, though based upon true events of the terror punished on the people of eastern Africa by a deadly rebel group. It touches different angles of the victims’ reactions. From the fates of the abducted women and children to how those who survive the raids go on to handle the trauma. Some go on to settle in refugee camps and struggle to put the gory attack behind them –Munanya; some contemplate suicide –Tsonanga; some try to rebuild the razed village –Kotara and his men; ultimately, Joseph Dahr dared to attempt the unthinkable.
Dahr believes Rosa and Joe Junior would not have been abducted had he taken them to Kinshasa as Rosa had begged him to. He would hence, not forgive himself unless he brings them home by any means. He summarized his mission in a dialogue with Hussein thus, “I am not an idiot. I know the dangers in what I am about to do, but it is the only way I can live with myself.” He relied upon Hussein, an American spy, to arm him with all the details on the LRA’s mode of operation. Hussein on his own has what he thinks is a perfect plan to finish Kony but believes his superiors in the Pentagon would not buy it. He decides teaming up with Dahr is the way forward.
Along the road of gathering intelligence and materials for his big showdown with the LRA, Dahr meets and inspires several other men who equally have personal reasons to take a fight to the LRA. Consequently, the burden of leading an army of distraught men while keeping his eyes on the goal now has to be added to his troubles.
Ray Anyasi was between 2009 and 2011 writing articles on the devastation caused by rebel groups in east Africa for a campus newspaper. He continues to write articles themed on political struggles and violence in Africa, many of which has been published in a number of international newspapers. He is all about writing compelling African stories with a global appeal. He believes a writer’s primary duty is to his immediate society, to tell its stories to the rest of the world. He is also the author of two other books, Poll of Vampires and To Live Again. Anyasi lives with his widowed mother in Ijegun, a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria.
Ujasiri is available on in kindle format.
Anyasi would gladly welcome reviews for Ujasiri; he is also very much available for interviews. To receive a PDF copy for review, please send an email to or call 2348136028328.