Invisible Ink on Your iPhone

Unique, entertaining messaging application from Majesty Software now available for iPhone and iPod touch

Online PR News – 06-July-2009 – – Ink, the latest title from Majesty Software is now available on the iPhone* App Store. Ink is a unique messaging application that lets users create and send messages using invisible digital ink. Ink requires no special registration and leverages existing e-mail accounts for message delivery.

Ink is intended to be used for fun and entertainment. "We have found that when someone first experiences Ink, it brings a smile to their face." says Tony Ingraldi, owner of Majesty Software. "We think people will use Ink in much the same way they would use a greeting card. It lets them send special notes to their friends and family and allows them to be more expressive than just sending a text message."

When a person receives an Ink message, they rub on the screen of their iPhone or iPod* touch to make the message content gradually appear. Once visible, the ink can be made to disappear again with a shake. With a selection of fonts, ink colors, and papers to choose from Ink offers a wide variety of creative options.

Majesty Software was founded in 2007. Building on decades of commercial and government software development experience, Majesty Software offers first-rate consulting services and has been producing software for the iPhone and iPod touch since 2008.

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