GDSN Network will make a new horizon for Indian Supply chain and Retail sectors

Global Data Synchronisation Network alias GDSN is very popular among western countries which provide immense benefits to the supply chain and retailers sectors.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Kolkata, West Bengal – GDSN is an internet based interrelated system of interoperable data collections and a universal registry useful for sharing consistent and coordinated supply chain data among various trading partners with the help of a uniform universal product classification.

GDSN facilitates trading partners to get authenticated information in their system and if any alteration is occurred in the database of the company it consistently and instantly updated to all other companies dealing with them. The supplier and customer will be able to work on the same precise and reorganized data to carry out their business mutually in cost effective and efficient way.

In India this system is gradually developing but at a slower rate. The system will be very fruitful in Indian context as there are lots of discrepancies in product master data among retailers and suppliers. Incompetencies in supply chain information and inappropriate data in transaction may lead to the loss of 40-50 billion incurred by the retail Consumer Product Goods (CPG) sector. So harmonization in master data among the structures of manufacturers/suppliers and retailers is required for the uninterrupted flow of goods and superior control of supply chain progression which result in the liberalization of economies and the globalization of trade. As for example there may be inactive products or de-listed products from the suppliers side and the modifications in the supplier’s master data are not being restructured at the retailer’s end. This may cause supply chain inaccuracies.

Some leading MNCs like Hindustan Unilever (HUL), Coke and Nestle are applying GDSN internationally but they are yet to implement this system in India. But some reputed retailers like Hypercity and Future group are planning to introduce this concept for their suppliers.

It is revealed from a recent survey on GDSN conducted by Retailers Association of India (RAI) and Infotech Enterprises Ltd among 21 most important retailers/wholesalers and manufacturers in India that a structure now be present for the implementation of GDSN in India. There are more than 7,000 companies in India who obtain a legitimate GLN (Global Location Number) and it is a precondition for utilizing GDSN. But application of GDSN is possible if the vendors and retailers stumble upon the same page and the suppliers transmit data to the database for the sake of retailers.

GDSN can bring the following benefits:-
• A superior fill rate.
• Potentiality to enhance overall sales.
• Superior managing of inventory
• Homogeneity of data among supplier and retailers.
• Minimization of reconciliation.

In order to implement the system successfully in India, the system should be fed with all the characteristics of a product facilitating warehouse management system at Distribution Centres to allocate exact slots for maintaining products. The exact size of the product results in setting up the shelf understanding in stores and also creates opportunities for best possible deployment of vehicles.

Another new concept is getting popular in India among transportation and logistics sectors. The concept is known as Load board and it is widely acknowledged in advanced countries like USA and Canada. In India some companies like Suain Logistics is already starting to implement this concept in India by launching an online portal alias Through this online portal, Suain Logistics is offering internet based freight matching services. In the backend of this system there will be a live database that contains real-time information on truck loads & freight and at the same time information for various types of trucks, vehicles and carriers. This online portal will provide mutual benefits for logistics companies and truckers as the companies can post their available loads and get the details of truckers to haul loads anywhere in India. On the other hand the truckers can post their equipment details and get the information of loads to keep their vehicle running. This online portal will provides lots of benefits like eliminates deadhead miles, find backhauls that pay well, find all sizes and types of trucks available, compare route rates, radius search for trucks and loads, instant truck and load matching, and many more.