USA Virtual Assistants Launches New Website to Help Clients Navigate the Process of Selecting a Virt

Response to most commonly asked questions when working with a virtual assistant, answered.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Roseville, CA – December 7, 2012

Today, USA Virtual Assistants announced a new streamlined website and several new articles to make it easier for potential clients to learn about some great tips when working with a virtual assistant, and why it’s beneficial to work with a team. The launch of the revamped website,, follows the release of their first e-book, “110 Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant”, detailing a list of ways virtual assistants can help take some of the more tedious tasks off of their client’s to-do lists.

“We want to give potential clients and upcoming virtual assistants the information that they need to make economical and informed decisions when choosing their virtual assistant. A big part of that is educating clients on how to determine what to delegate, and what to hold on to. We also have articles from around the web about how to effectively communicate with a virtual assistant, once chosen, to ensure that the clients are getting the most out of their time,” said President, Amanda Lawson. “This new, easy-to-navigate website will help clients better navigate the process of planning for the tasks that they are going to delegate. Not to mention that we help clients, through the process of a complimentary client assessment, determine what their specific needs are and their order of importance.”

The revamped website, along with the “110 Ways to Use a Virtual Assistant” e-book that launched this past week, serves as a direct response to one of the most commonly asked questions that virtual assistants are asked while explaining to people what they do, “What can a virtual assistant do for my business?”. is the first step in a multi-phase project to provide potential clients with a one-stop website where they can access a wealth of information to help guide them through the decision making process, and find their ideal virtual assistant, all in one place. The site combines information from multiple cited sources and presents the information in a straight-forward manner, and is designed to be fully accessible on tablets and smartphones. Future releases of will incorporate additional websites and tools.

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