Water Damage Restoration America Help Water Damage Companies in Atlanta, Fort Myers and Baltimore

Water Damage Restoration America is providing marketing help to water damage companies in Georgia, Florida and Maryland. New water damage companies are popping up all over Atlanta, Fort Myers and Baltimore which is why contractors use WDR America to increase business.

Online PR News – 12-December-2012 – Atlanta, Georgia – Water Damage Restoration is a marketing and consulting company that provides online and offline help to water and fire damage companies nationwide. WDR America has helped companies like ServiceMaster Clean, Servpro, Chem-dry and several other non franchise water damage companies with generating leads locally.

Water Damage Restoration America has developed a top notch marketing solution to help small or large water damage companies win without breaking the bank. Numerous water and fire damage companies like the ease of use of the directory and free marketing advice the Tirrell Spruill (own of WDR America) gives on Facebook and Twitter.

Many of the water damage companies on the directory also use the internet marketing programs that Water Damage Restoration America offers. What so great about it is the the marketing actually works. There are many horror stories of companies spending many thousands of dollars with SEO companies, Yellow Pages, Magazines, etc... (who really don't understand the water damage industry) getting raked over the coals for marketing that didn't work. WDR America knows the water damage industry and keeps up with the ever changing marketing strategies and systems that work or don't work.

Thanks to Water Damage Restoration America many water damage companies experience a positive ROI and don't feel like they are being swallowed up by unbearable marketing cost that don't produce. For information, contact Water Damage Restoration America at (877) 458-3435 or visit http://waterdamagerestorationamerica.com.

About [Water Damage Restoration America]

Water Damage Restoration America was created back in 2010 to help water damage companies shorten the gap between the customer and themselves. It doesn't matter if the company is large or small, every water damage company has the same opportunity to get great positioning on the directory and on the internet.

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