How to Apply the Pareto 80-20 Rule in Your Business: a New Interactive Learning Module

Business analysts and product managers can rely on this easy-to-understand learning module to apply the Pareto rule in their work. The self-paced module is interactive, affordable and comes with practical examples and demonstrations.

Online PR News – 10-December-2012 – Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, MI – SimaFore and Strat-Wise Consulting announce the launch of an online, interactive learning module geared to helping business analysts understand and apply the Pareto Rule or 80/20 Principle. This hands-on module aims to improve the profitability of different business units. The material is easy to understand and includes practical examples and exercises targeted to help business analysts, product managers and executives looking to streamline different areas of the business.

The one hour learning module describes the effective use of the Pareto Principle to segment and optimize customer and product portfolios as well as inventory. The techniques shown apply to most aspects of business optimization: from rationalizing under-performing products to firing those chronically unprofitable customers that drain the company’s resources. Participants also learn to uncover the common factors of highly profitable customers and products with the objective of replicating their successes. The module is hosted on SimaFore’s analytics learning platform and is available for a limited time at an introductory price of $47.

Strat-Wise helps companies become more competitive by showing them how to exploit the most advanced Analytics Technology, in a strategic manner, to obtain sustainable and profitable growth. Their objective is to provide a strong analytic advantage so Marketing, Sales, R&D and Business Leaders can finally make strategic sense of the oceans of business data they already have. Companies use their Strategic Analytics ToolboxTM to beat their competition and increase market share, revenue and profit.

SimaFore was founded by a team of analytics experts with the explicit goal of helping businesses find the right analytics solutions for their problems. SimaFore builds affordable and custom analytics apps so that companies can draw valuable information from their data to enhance their revenues and profits. SimaFore also focuses on supporting analysts with a series of easy-to-use learning resources and offers training courses on business analytics using open source tools.

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