'Survey Seat' Announce The Latest Findings From Recent Survey Into Dyslexia And Associated Opinions

One of the UK's leading market research and survey companies 'SurveySeat' has recently released the results of a survey which was designed to uncover and highlight the nations attitudes and understanding surrounding Dyslexia.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – London, UK – The recently published results highlight trends which often contrast with the general stigma's and stereotyping that can co-exists with a lack of understanding about Dyslexia. The survey carried out sampled 1242 participant from a variety of demographics and backgrounds. Participants were asked a series of eight questions designed to unearth understanding, opinions and knowledge about the problem through the candidates response. Quite surprisingly, for a nation of around 62 million people, it is estimated by www.DyslexiaAction.org.uk that around 2 million people are severely affected. This equates to around only 3% of the population, yet SurveySeat found that of the 1242 participants, 66% attested to knowing somebody with Dyslexia. This suggests an improved awareness around the problem. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, 82% stated they are not/would not be embarrassed to admit they suffered with Dyslexia.

While the results suggested a broad awareness amongst the UK population, the study also contained results which suggested that irrespective of an awareness, 86% of the study group agreed that they would not (or would think twice) about buying from a website which displayed a spelling mistake and an even larger 87% stated they would not, or would think twice, before doing business with somebody who displayed bad spelling skills. These results highlighted a potential disadvantage for dyslexic business owners and operators.

"Having dyslexia myself it is really interesting to see how simple spelling mistakes can effect business opportunities. Anyone with spelling issues should seriously consider teaming up with someone who can cast a fresh eye over written work before publishing." (Richard Berry, SurveySeat Founder.)

www.beatingdyslexia.com advocates the use of memory improvement in order to help sufferers improve and develop their spelling abilities, which is in contrast to the governments current school approach of using 'phonics' to correctly learn and spell words.

The survey also demonstrated that while 93% believed Dyslexia to be a problem in the UK, only 56% of the group surveyed felt that it was necessary to make provisions and allowances for all cases. The effects of technology on Dyslexia was met with mixed opinion with 23% supporting the positive effects it has, while 10% actually believed that the availability of spell-checkers was an aggravating factor which had a worsening effect on dyslexia sufferers.