Pumpsider™ Fuel Pump Advertising Solution is released by Outta the Box Dispensers LLC

Fuel pump advertising solution the Pumpsider™ featuring Align-Rite™ waves is released by Outta the Box Dispensers adding to their line of innovative coupon information dispensing solutions.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Dayton, OH – Outta the Box Dispensers LLC, headquartered in Dayton, OH, is excited to announce the availability of the Pumpsider™ their newest product. The Pumpsider™ was developed to be a state of the art advertising solution at fuel pumps that is easy to manage from shipping to breakdown. An in-depth video demonstrating how the Pumpsider™ works efficiently and effectively is available at http://www.outtathebox.com/pumpsider/.

The innovative Pumpsider™ from Outta the Box Dispensers LLC, provides advertisers an opportunity to reach consumers at the fuel pump. Fuel pumps and gas stations alike have a high volume of consumer foot traffic; the unique design of the Pumpsider™ puts company’s brand messages and offerings in a highly visible and accessible spot ensuring maximum visibility for brand messages and offerings.

The Pumpsider™ ships flat, and comes with intuitive and simple instructions for application to any pump. The Pumpsider™ features special Align-Rite™ waves and unique die-cuts that facilitate quick and uniform transformation and the best visual effect at the pump. An essential and differentiating factor of the Pumpsider™ is the patent pending adhesive solution which holds over 80 pounds and withstands hurricane force winds yet leaves no residue when removed.

In addition to the “Easy on & Clean Off” qualities of the Pumpsider™ it is also weather resistant and lasts for up to 6 months. The durable surface of the Pumpsider™ can be used with numerous different Pop N’ Sell coupon dispensers. Pop N’ Sell Dispensers can easily be rotated and switched for frequently changing promotions on the same Pumpsider™ display.

To learn more about Outta the Box Dispensers LLC or the Pumpsider™ visit Outta the Box online at www.outtathebox.com. The friendly and knowledgeable Outta the Box team will be happy to assist in finding the perfect coupon dispensing and or advertising solution for your brand. Also, keep up-to-date on all the Outta the Box news, products, and offers on the Outta the Box Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OuttaTheBoxDispensers

About Outta the Box Dispensers LLC

Outta the Box Dispensers, http://www.outtathebox.com/, provides an innovative source for your organization’s branding needs. Outta the Box offers advertising solutions for in-store promotions, information, and sweepstakes, as well as, outdoor traffic drivers including the Pumpsider™. In addition to their innovative dispensing solutions, Outta the Box also designs and executes custom coupon dispensing solutions.