Access Fixtures Introduces a Light Shield to End Bollard Light Trespass

The new Access Fixtures 180 degree light shield for bollard lights will eliminate undesirable light emitted between walkways and buildings.

Online PR News – 06-December-2012 – Worcester, MA – Access Fixtures is proud to offer a brand new light shield for bollard lights. This shield enables light to be directed where it is desirable and eliminate light where it is unwanted minimizing light trespass. bollards that illuminate walkways for hospitals and apartment buildings often shine light onto the building and into windows disturbing building occupants. Other applications include parks where light is desirable in pedestrian areas and unwanted in wildlife areas. The new light shield offered by Access Fixtures is a 180 degree shield and reflector that handles the issue of light trespass while enhancing the quality of the light on walkways.

“Customers told us about their need to eliminate light trespass,” said Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. He continued, “We responded to their requests with a light shield/reflector that stops light pollution on one side and enhances the amount of light focused on the other.”

This new light shield is available for all Access Fixtures bollard lights, including the LG led bollard. These shields are an affordable, elegant solution to light trespass from bollard lights. Customers are now able to optimize the light from their bollard lights.. bollard light fixtures for hospitals, apartment buildings, hotels, municipal parks and other similar situations can now illuminate walkways without light pollution, and without disturbing people within the building. The new 180 degree light shield is now an option on all of the Access Fixtures bollard lights.

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