O2N develops and manufactures air pumps & oxygen generators for healthcare, beauty and bio products.

O2N Co. promises to become a world trustworthy company based on creative high-technologies in terms of air pump, oxygen generator and bio products.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – 06/12/2012 – O2N has been developing and manufacturing air pumps and oxygen generators for healthcare and beauty as well as bio products. Based on global top class technologies with our superior engineers over 20 years of experience, we’ve been supporting our customers’ business widely and effectively. Also, our new factory line for Gas Separation Membrane will lead us to new business in the field of upcoming automobile oxygen generator.

The mission of O2N is to develop competitive & high quality products based on our creative technologies. We guarantee quality of our products through exhaustive quality control. The vision of O2N is to be one of the global top5 companies in fluid applications. The vision of Sewha P&C is to become the leading company that creates the future of fluid applications through its outstanding technology. O2N, not yet content with the current situation, is chasing incessant challenge and innovation for customer satisfaction. Thus, O2N is investing daringly in R&D, and all our employees are focusing all their capacities on manufacturing new creative products. O2N, the company which is making its best endeavor to become the leading company in our fields, promises to do its best effort for consumer’s satisfaction with the best quality. Oxygen (O2) + various functions (Plus) Based upon high oxygen concentrator (O2 30%), various useful functions are combined. Multi function Oxygen Concentrator for health & beauty. What is O2 Plus? It is the difference of 1%

The O2 effects are:
-Vitalization Fatigue Recovery

“21% Oxygen in the air”
The density of O2 in the deep forest is 22%. This 1% difference makes your body more vitalized, concentration more enhanced, fatigue recovery easier, immunity is more increased. Clear skin with O2 - Get an aid from oxygen when you need vitality of your body. Fresh oxygen creates a radiant look and helps skin stay healthy avoiding the ‘heavy’ look from stress.

When spraying the tiny particles 3~5μm of the moisture or vitamin solution, split into 1/10 size of skin pore and sprayed in the form of mist, the skin absorbs the benefits almost on contact. The result is supple, smooth, radiant skin. By using vacuum functions, e¬ffective massage with cups and sticks can be done on the various parts of body. It helps stimulate activity of health cells and promote excellent blood circulation.

Our Vacuum Massager is a new concept of skin-renovating and body healing massager.

* Multifunctional
(Vacuum massage + Skin Nebulizer)
* Easy to perform
* Doesn’t require much time and special preparation
* Low noise level
* Excellent durability and reliability
o Reduce Cellulite by Endermology
o Firms & Glossy skin
o Prevent & Reduce the wrinkle
o Improve Blood Circulation
o Relieves Muscle Stiffness and pain

Our Product Oxygen Generator - Really Freshens up your life

* Produce 30% fresh oxygen
* User-friendly accessories - Oxygen headset
* Low noise level
* Excellent durability and reliability
* CE certified

* Vitalization
* Fatigue Recovery
* Enhancement of concentration
* Immunity increase

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