Dr. M.S. Venkatesh – Performing Gynecomastia Procedure in Bangalore

Dr. M.S. Venkatesh is one of the reputable cosmetic surgeons who successfully perform Gynecomastia procedures on men. He operates on the clients in his Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, located in Bangalore, India.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Bangalore, Karnataka – Bangalore, India, 06 December 2012: Dr. M.S. Venkatesh is a name of global repute specializing in performing different plastic and cosmetic surgeries. He practices these procedures and surgeries in his Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, located in Bangalore, India and well-equipped with all the requisite facilities. Dr. Venkatesh has gained expertise in performing Gynecomastia procedures on men at his state-of-the-art medical facility.

Talking about Gynecomastia, an associate of Dr. M.S. Venkatesh said, “It is a very common condition in men that can turn out to be cruel in teasing, causing embarrassment and social trauma. Men so affected will try to avoid bare chest activities, hide it with thick shirts and skip from public exposure. The common complaint is the embarrassment which they face when they have to take off their shirts for swimming.”

A Doctor performs this procedure through power assisted or even routine wet liposuction along with gland excision to deliver the needed results to the clients. He begins the reduction procedure via a small puncture incision under the arm pit. Through a periareloer incision, the fat is sucked out of the chest for minimizing the breast tissue and providing the perfect shape. In addition, the Gynecomastia procedure can also be performed in combination with liposuction of the abdomen. This combined procedure is known as Body Contouring.

Discussing further, the associate of Dr. M.S. Venkatesh said, “We advice the patient to wear Pressure garments for a period of four to six weeks following the procedure. These are basically a tight stretchable garment (Corset) that needs to be worn for 8 weeks in order to contour the operated area. You need to avoid exertion, gym and sports for six weeks after the procedure.”

Noticeable difference in the shape of the chest can be seen after the surgery. Dr. M.S. Venkatesh, advices patients to regularly take a healthy diet for sustaining the body after surgery. Apart from this, Dr. M.S. Venkatesh has made a mark for himself by successfully performing Breast Augmentation Surgery in India on countless patients.

About Dr. M.S. Venkatesh

Dr. M.S. Venkatesh is a leading cosmetic surgeon renowned for performing different procedures and surgeries at his clinic in Bangalore, India. Along with this, he is also working as a professor at a reputed Medical College in Bangalore. Also, Dr. M.S. Venkatesh is a consultant plastic and cosmetic surgeon at various prestigious medical institutions in Bangalore. To learn more about the doctor, log on to cosmeticsurgerybangaloreindia.com.

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