Flexible Video-Scopes, Industrial Electronic Endoscope Manufacturer

Caretek Manufactures flexible video-scopes for medical purposes and industrial electronic endoscope with the brand “IN-VISION".

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – 06/12/2012 – Since our company founded in 2006, we have continued to grow by the foundation in industrial electronic flexible endoscope business, we have built a business foundation with various certifications and are taking part in Korean government R&D projects. We contribute to public welfare by autonomous mind, passion and the best value. When the diagnostic techniques are developed, remedy techniques are developed. Caretek develops and manufactures endoscopes that offer a meaningful improvement in life value and enterprise value. We have developed industrial endoscope “IN-VISION” which in used in many industries since 2006 and have succeeded in domestically producing medical flexible video scope “D-VISION” with techniques and experience in development.

Caretek has developed industrial endoscope applying optics and refraction to development of medical products. Through the national business, portable emergence scopes and flexible laparoscopic (LF-100) system are under the certification test. Also, we are linked to Yonsei University Medical Center and developed Attach Video-scope for airway intubation applying subminiature camera and image processing techniques. It is applied by Korea Food and Drug Administration, FDA, and CE. We are proud to announce we will make a break-through contribution to medical examinations. The industrial video scope IN-VISION is a visual testing device based on a non-destructive method that allows the inspection of the interior of an object such as an engine, circuit and other components of airplanes, ships, automobiles, industrial equipment, electrical machines, and electronic machines that cannot be directly viewed with the naked eye without having to destroy or cut the object. For the purpose of quality management and maintenance, the flexible video scope is an efficient device to prevent damage and reduce time and costs by providing a quick and accurate inspection in a modern world that is becoming ever more specialized. We manufacture Flexible Video-Scopes, Industrial Electronic Endoscopes, Gastroscopes and Emergency Scopes.

We were voted as a Guaranteed Brand Enterprise from KOTRA in 2006, we Received awards from 'The Best Patent Prize TOP 100 in Republic of Korea' in 2007, we were voted as a Patent Star Enterprise in Kang-won province in 2008, we received awards from The Minister of Knowledge Economy for Best Enterprise in 2010, we started our ACE-PRO CE Marking in 2011 and we started our AV-SCOPE launching in 2012. These are some of the proud milestones factors of Caretek and we are committed to further research development to be one of the leading industry in our business domestically and globally as well.
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