Innovative Bargain Feature Launched by
12/07/2012, one of the popular Online Marketplace introduces "Time Based Bargain" feature. It has more than 7 Lac products. This "Time Based Bargain" which hits the Online Shopping World in 2012. Its a good news for users. The Patent is Registered in United States by Bvira.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – chennai/TamilNadu –, a successful trendsetting e-commerce website, has come up with an innovative and unique bargain feature that has make to stand out of the crowd in its own style. Having gained a valuable reputation in bridging the gap between the online selling and buying community no doubt that the latest bargain feature launched by the site would get a positive nod from its users.
The new online bargain enables the buyer to send an offer price to seller and the seller would either accept the buyer's offer price or respond with a new offer price within a given time interval. The buyer and seller would be able to exchange their offer prices for a few times until both buyer and seller agrees or disagrees on a final offer price. This offers absolute freedom for both the buyers and sellers to finalize the price thereby paving a path for an interactive online shopping experience with utmost satisfaction.
“Our focus is in smoothing up buyer –seller negotiations with more user friendly features where it meet expectations of buyers and sellers”, says Mr.Vikram, Global Marketing Head,
This special platform has enabled sellers to reach a wide spectrum of target audience without any barriers. It has been consistent with its claims of serving the purpose of both “local” and “global” marketplace. The products that are traded on this site are quite diversified ranging from something as small as a videogame to something as big and unimaginable on an e-commerce site as cars and realties. Each of the product categories are in themselves very broad and have various sub-classifications. This site also ensures the safety of the buyer’s money through secured encrypted transaction and also offers real time tracking of orders being placed. It offers a plethora of options as far as the payment modes are concerned in addition to the standard “Paypal” mode. Another striking feature is that the developers of this site has given it a magic “social networking” touch by to it by enabling the users to recommend and even add their friends to this proficient online market place.
Being a pioneer in this style of e-commerce, no wonder that would be coming up with even more innovative solutions in the near future to serve the buyers and help sellers in finding the ideal consumers for their products. Stay tuned and enjoy an enthralling online shopping experience with unbelievable deals at rates that you demand.