Sabot Musings Launches to Cover Firearms With Humor

Sabot Musings covers the world of firearms, including the selection, design, and politics with humor and satire.

Online PR News – 03-April-2010 – – Sabot Musings covers everything in the small arms world but does so with humor, satire and a bit of sarcasm. A widely read blogger, Sabot is now looking at a world he knows intimately, firearms. Discussions about pistols, handguns, shotguns, rifles, bias against gun owners, self defense and politics will fill the new blog.

The key is covering serious issues with humor to help bring in people who might otherwise be wary of the topic. Each day the number of firearms owners increase and all are not comfortable. We help with that by giving them something to laugh at while making them laugh.

Sabot Musings fills the void in the world of firearms by discussing issues with humor. Using satire we can both draw attention to the absurdity of some items while highlighting the seriousness of other, more important issues. We welcome input on any issue of importance as long as it has a humorous slant.

We are the sole blog voice dedicated to providing humor in firearms while displaying intense respect for those who own firearms.