Whole Mind Golf Training Launches Breakthrough Golf Product

Whole Mind Golf Training has launched a new mental game coaching product designed for golfers of all skill levels. The product is called the ePAD (Personal Achievement Device) and is a true breakthrough as a method of delivery for top level mental game coaching.

Online PR News – 03-April-2010 – – Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada -- April 03, 2010 -- The e PAD is a light and sound device that that uses a pair of specially designed glasses which are worn during each coaching sessions. The glasses emit a pulsation of blue light stimulating the brains circadian rhythms. A pair of headphones are also worn which reveal a pattern of binaural beats that play beneath conscious awareness. Combined, the light and sound work to move the brain into a deep state of super learning which allows the audio coaching session to be absorbed and experienced with virtually no effort.

For more details visit Golf Mental Game Training(http://golf-mental-game-training.com)

The response and results from owners of the Whole Mind Golf ePAD have been impressive. More joy while playing the game and improved consistency are most evident. Many players have achieved personal bests in scoring and performance while competing.

While most every golfer understands the mental game is equally as important as the swing when it comes to playing good golf, very few golfers have access to world class coaching. As Wade Pearse, developer of the Whole Mind Golf Training process, states, “Most every golfer is playing what I call “half-brained” golf. They’re locked in their left, analytical brain. This is not where peak performance is experienced.”

“To benefit from your full potential requires the integration of both the left and right hemispheres of your brain. The Whole Mind Golf ePAD(http://golf-mental-game-training.com)is a vehicle for delivering our proprietary training in a very powerful and effective way.”

He continues, “Professional golfers and weekend enthusiasts alike continue to invest in the latest drivers, irons, balls and world class swing instruction yet less than 1% do anything about improving their mental game. And in spite of having the best equipment, top notch swing instruction and cutting edge training aids, the average scores of all golfers who maintain a handicap has only went down by 1 stroke in the last 27 years.”

“No matter how good a players’ swing is, no matter how well or how poorly they play, no matter what equipment they use there is one common denominator in everyone’s game: the mind. A person who has an integrated, whole mind perspective has a measurable advantage over anyone who does not. The ePAD ensures every golfer has the opportunity to experience the best they are capable of at their current skill level.”

By simply relaxing in a comfortable chair and experiencing the Whole Mind Golf ePAD the player’s mind becomes conditioned toward their own excellence, no mater what their current skill level. By integrating both hemispheres and reaching deeper levels of awareness, which is what takes place during a coaching session, a golfer is able to transfer the powerful coaching messages into their game with no effort.

The end result is more relaxation and fulfillment playing the game, both of which lead to improved performance and lower scores.

Whole Mind Golf Training is on the leading edge of mental game coaching and delivers exclusive training that produces measurable results. Contact details are provided below.

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