GenieDB Launches The Worldwide Database

GenieDB Enables Global Distribution of MySQL Data While Avoiding the Cost of Switching to NoSQL.

Online PR News – 05-December-2012 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – GenieDB Inc., a leading innovator of distributed relational database technology, announces its launch this week of GenieDB v 1.0. Implemented as a MySQL storage engine plug-in, GenieDB is designed to simplify and accelerate the distribution of mission-critical enterprise applications across multiple datacenters and clouds, regardless of geographic location. The GenieDB solution addresses the demand for peak application performance and resiliency in a world that is becoming increasingly distributed. With this demand accelerating due to the influences of Big Data and cloud computing, GenieDB offers a highly cost-effective and immediate migration path that eliminates the expense and disruption of switching to a NoSQL solution.

GenieDB expands the capabilities of existing MySQL applications to include multi-datacenter geographic diversity, whether utilizing on-premise infrastructure or cloud environments. Widespread geographic database distribution provides higher levels of availability than previously possible by removing the database, datacenter and even cloud as single points of failure, finally making near-continuous uptime a reality. Furthermore, optimizations for user-data proximity and elastic scalability ensure delivery of increased performance and overall user experience to fulfill the ever-increasing data demands of tomorrow.

"The largest web-based companies are pushing the limits of how fast and how wide mission-critical, relational data must be delivered to users around the world, and enterprises are struggling with new database technologies in order to remain competitive," said Cary Breese, CEO of GenieDB. "GenieDB delivers to the mainstream a fully distributed worldwide database, enabling enterprises, big and small, to quickly and easily deploy next-generation, cloud-scale applications without facing the unacceptable ROI concerns often encountered when switching to NoSQL. We specifically designed this first version of our product with ease of adoption in mind, engineering it to run within the most popular database in the world, MySQL."

GenieDB for MySQL unleashes the full potential of the cloud! Today, the cloud is limited to single datacenter performance, with cumbersome and fragile workaround strategies to manage recovery in the face of outages. GenieDB provides a highly flexible framework that allows enterprises to easily scale their mission-critical applications across regions and clouds, thereby achieving the highest levels of availability possible. Additionally, GenieDB dramatically simplifies database administration and maintenance, creating a very attractive cost-risk analysis when deploying applications worldwide. The problems of geographically distributing data are solved by GenieDB through immediate, global replication of data; transparent and automatic healing of network and/or server failures; elastic scaling, increased DBA productivity and radically reduced total cost of ownership.

GenieDB delivers to the mainstream a fully distributed worldwide database enabling enterprises big and small to quickly and easily deploy next-generation cloud-scale applications without facing the unacceptable ROI concerns often encountered when switching to NoSQL. We specifically designed this first version of our product with ease of adoption in mind engineering it to run within the most popular database in the world MySQL.

GenieDB’s customers represent a variety of industry verticals, including financial services, entertainment and media, enterprise mobile, information services and energy. In addition, GenieDB is working with established partners in the cloud service provider ecosystem and several of the largest IT vendors in the world.

"Cloudbook is a rapidly growing company with a global customer base," said Vince Vasquez, CEO of Cloudbook, Inc. "We were challenged to deliver our innovative storytelling application to sales people around the world on their mobile tablets, quickly and reliably. Without GenieDB we would have spent much more money, and worse, much more time coming up with a scalable solution. GenieDB has changed the way I think about the migration of applications to widely distributed and scalable platforms."

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About GenieDB

GenieDB is the first database technology that enables enterprises to globally scale their existing applications without incurring the costs and pain associated with abandoning traditional database architecture. By dramatically simplifying the migration of enterprises into cloud-based infrastructures, GenieDB brings global scalability to the mainstream. GenieDB's innovative and patent-pending approach automates and optimizes how data is processed across global networks and clouds, providing readily accessible, local database performance on a global scale. GenieDB is the earliest stage company to present at Under The Radar and Oracle Open World 2010, and was nominated and recognized as a "Start-up to Watch" at Structure 2011. GenieDB is headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, California. For more information, please visit

About Cloudbook

Cloudbook provides storytelling software to dramatically improve the volume, velocity and efficiency of an enterprise sales force. Cloudbook is composed of a story development platform, an application to activate the story and a network to promote the story. It is one of the first enterprise applications built specially for mobile tablet deployment. Users of the application include many of the early adopters of enterprise tablets.

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