Tile Giant Sets Plans To Launch A New E-commerce Website

Tile Giant will be launching its brand new ecommerce website. Travis Perkins will back the new project with a huge budget and there’s talks that they will try and recruit the web specialist from Topps Tiles to head the project.

Online PR News – 20-February-2009 – – Staffordshire, UK - Tile Giant that is considered one of the top ceramic merchant stores in the UK is planning to expand its business further by revamping their online presence. Tile Giant will be making its current website http://www.tilegiant.co.uk into an Ecommerce enabled website that will allow customers to review, select and order the products of their choice online. Currently, Tile Giant operates a basic website that is more of a brochure website. Now Tile Giant likes to expand its business by launching an ecommerce-enabled website taking on Topps Tiles.

Tile Giant deals with all types of tiles and tools in the ceramic industry. They have 79 stores across the UK and Tile Giant products are known for their quality and for their durability. Tile Giant feels the need for having a more sophisticated website so that it can cater to more customers. Tile Giant strives to provide its customers with the widest range of ceramic products and tools available in the market so that everyone can find and buy what they need online. Besides that, they also strive to keep their prices highly competitive.

Tile Giant has been in this industry since 2007. The first Tile Giant store was opened in Staffordshire; as of today, they have over 79 stores in the UK. They have shown a very fast growth in the shortest time, which is considered to be an unusual phenomenon in this industry.

As part of their business expansion plans for 2009, they will be launching a brand new ecommerce website, which will be backed by Travis Perkins. This new effort from Tile Giant is likely to increase the online competition for all its major competitors, especially Topps Tiles. As per the available reports, it is said that Travis Perkins has set aside a huge budget to implement their online ecommerce solution for Tile Giant. The investments made will be in the range of £1,000,000. This budget is for both development and promotion of the new ecommerce website. Interestingly, this mega project is likely to by headed by the web specialist from its own competitor, Topps Tiles. If Tile Giant’s plans were to materialize, it would throw Topps Tiles off balance without their web specialist. Topps Tiles has been putting in a lot of time and effort in launching and perfecting their online ecommerce website for the past one year. Topps Tiles has been very successful with its online endeavours and they have also received Hitwise Award.

As more and more people are turning to the internet to order ceramic tiles and ceramic tools, the number of people visiting the brick and mortar stores to pick their tiles and other ceramic products is reducing considerably. People find it more convenient to order their DIY ceramic products online. This changing trend has prompted Tile Giant to look into its own business model and to revamp their online presence.

About Tile Giant:
Tile Giant is one of the fastest growing ceramic tiles and ceramic tools merchants with over 79 stores in the UK. They have been in this industry since 2007 and they have seen a tremendous growth in a short period.

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