Akashic Record Reading Specialist Akemi Gaines Heals Current Personal Struggles By Reading Into the Past

Spiritual healing and a path to greater success are possible with an Akashic Record reading by Akemi Gaines. Gaines helps individuals discover ways to discard negative feelings and clear the energetic interferences that affect them mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Online PR News – 31-December-2008 – – PORTLAND, OR – Too many men and women continue through life unhappy with themselves, their jobs, friends or family, and even their spiritual convictions. For many, they do the same things over and over again, or think about their situation in the same old way, then wonder why they cannot find the fulfillment and happiness they deserve.

Spiritual consultant and lightworker Akemi Gaines helps break the chain with a personal soul reading, or Akashic Record Reading, that shed light to the deeper meaning of their struggles.

Akashic Records are the records of complete experiences of every soul along its journey through its many lifetimes. Through an Akashic Record Reading, much can be learned about life's struggles – and the journey toward spiritual healing can begin. Gaines says that her role as a lightworker is to help her clients clear the energetic blocks and interferences that affect them mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

While many intuitive readings only explain how a person found themselves in their present situation, Gaines says she is passionate about offering her clients much more. “That kind of insight and understanding are important, but I think that is only half the deal. I offer clearing work to remove the energetic root issues,” explains Gaines.

The Akashic Record Reading by Akemi Gaines involves a telephone session and follow-up questions by e-mail, should the need arise. She reviews more than 70 points in a person’s Akashic Records to ensure that all of the basic features and major energetic issues are explored in depth. During this comprehensive checkup of the whole being, Gaines may find certain energetic problems that will allow her to explore the soul on an even deeper level.

“This is an especially good time of year for an Akashic Record reading as many people begin to ponder New Year’s resolutions for 2009 and look back at whether they achieved their resolutions for 2008. A personal soul reading can help individuals begin seeing clearly again, finally making sense of life’s struggles. Often times, people comment that I have checked for things that they weren’t even aware of, yet had been causing pain, frustration or other problems,” says Gaines.

While Gaines says that many of her clients come to her seeking solutions for greater fulfillment in their lives, others who believe they themselves may be lightworkers also seek her guidance. Through Akashic Record Reading, Gaines helps people discover their own abilities and aids them in furthering their spiritual development.

“These comprehensive profile readings and clearings have truly been a life-changing experience for many people who have taken the steps to contact me. They report feeling more relaxed, energetic, and whole after the reading and clearing. They also start seeing opportunities they didn't notice before,” explains Gaines.

About Akemi Gaines: Akemi Gaines is a spiritual consultant, lightworker, and publisher of the popular blog Yes to Me (http://www.yes-to-me.com). Gaines offers personal soul readings that help her clients make sense of their life’s daily struggles, and help them understand themselves in more positive light. For more information or to schedule an Akashic Record Reading, visit http://www.akashicrecordreading.com.

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