Holiday Safety Tips from Houston Personal Injury Attorney Jorge Gomez

Houston Personal Injury Attorney Jorge Gomez offers holiday safety tips. Learn to avoid injury with this advice.

Online PR News – 05-December-2012 – Houston, TX – The holiday season is a time for joy. This is a time for friends, family, and coworkers to get together and enjoy each other. Unfortunately, many people are injured during the holiday season. From DUI related accidents to slip and falls among others, this time of the year can be dangerous. Houston personal injury attorney Jorge Gomez has offered the following five tips for staying safe this holiday season:

1. Never drink and drive. It is best to avoid driving if any alcoholic beverages have consumed. This can help keep the driver, passengers, and others on the roadway safer. On top of this, nobody wants to deal with a DUI arrest at anytime of the year - let alone during the holidays.

2. Take caution on the roadways in and around Houston. Although most people will avoid drinking and driving, there are always some who decide to do this anyway. For this reason, it is important to take extreme caution when navigating the roadways.

3. Watch out for slip and fall hazards. Has it been raining outside? Have you realized that local stores are not as safe as usual, due to increased foot traffic? These things can lead to slip and fall accidents.

4. Avoid workplace accidents. During the month of December, companies all over the city hold holiday parties at their office. While there is nothing wrong with this, if things get out of control injuries can happen. Be responsible when planning and attending this type of party. It can help everybody involved to avoid injuries and enjoy the experience with coworkers.

5. Keep smiling but remain responsible. Some people feel that they must drink to have a good time. If this is the case, such as at a holiday party, it is a must to do so in a responsible manner.

Houston personal injury attorney Jorge Gomez had this to say:
"Every year, we get calls after the holiday season from people who were injured in accidents due to the negligence of another party. It is a shame to think that many people are going to have their holidays ruined because others are not responsible."
Staying safe during the holiday season does not mean avoiding fun altogether. Instead, this means acting responsibly and thinking before making decisions.

"Anybody who has been injured in an accident has the right to contact a personal injury lawyer," added Gomez. "It is better to get the help of an attorney right away than to wait for several months. Even if the holidays are making things busy, there is nothing more important than your health." Although the holiday season is supposed to bring joy to the life of everybody, this is not always how things work out. A few bad apples can spoil a good time for others.

With the five safety tips above in mind, it will be easier to avoid trouble through the Christmas and New Years holidays.
Anybody who has been injured in an accident should immediately contact a Houston personal injury lawyer.

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