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Why businesses should consider conducting audit processes on there server rooms in a bid to save money.

Online PR News – 06-July-2009 – – In light of the current economic crisis companies may need to turn to different methods of saving money other than cutting staff numbers and resources. Migration Solutions are a computer rooms and data centre consultancy company specializing in the designing, building and migration of servers. Other services also include how to save businesses money from auditing their server and computer rooms.

After conducting a recent analysis on where costs are being spent in businesses, the results concluded that by conducting an audit of their computer rooms via a professional specialist will help them to identify where they would need to recover costs, or where businesses would need to invest money to meet their business needs. The average cost of maintenance of any server room may amount to thousands of pounds. When one puts in money for auditing, the final figures will equate to a lower amount to what they would pay for simple things like utility bills.

Migration Solutions are an independent specialist who has conducted countless amounts of auditing work with many businesses, including banks, the NHS, universities, hosting companies, official government departments etc. to reduce unnecessary costs. There are a great number of companies losing money from the use of their server rooms, but are unaware of just how much they are losing. If a company were to invest £5000 into their computer rooms, this will seem like a large amount of money for an auditing process, but when compared to the amount of money spent on electricity bills, running of the servers and the cost of the infrastructure this can equate to as much as £70,000 plus in a year.

From investing money into auditing as much as 10% could be saved yearly, which is a significant amount. Certain Data centres will cost an average of £5000 or less to audit, with the results always seeing a significant amount being saved. As part of Migration Solutions services, the end result is to save companies money and to enable a long term cost cutting initiative. Therefore, a little researching, some professional auditing and investment on server rooms will enable may be one of the most important money saving moves a company could make.

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