7TH Annual Security Leadership Summit 2012 by APDI and CAPSI

Association of private Detectives and Investigators - India (APDI) and Central Association of Private Security Industry- India (CAPSI) announces the 7 annual security leadership summit

Online PR News – 06-December-2012 – Delhi – New Delhi, December 2012: Serving the $140 billion security industry CAPSI and APDI moves forward to organize the 7th Security leadership Summit. Security is all set to expand phenomenally over the years to come with more focus on Standards, Skill and Community Safety. A one of kind initiative for the first time in India by the federal bodies themed on – creating awareness on the current social scene and its impacts on the society would witness Security leaders and experts sharing their opinions and experiences on the issue. The annual gala would offer an extraordinary opportunity for peer-level interaction across industries, a big-picture focus on driving change and new approaches to managing complexities in security, and opportunities to collaborate and innovate
India has been a country of strong feudal relations. It’s almost a cliché to say we are all one. Across much of India, there has in the past been a spirit of tolerance, indifference, or sheer helplessness to a range of injustices. This has subdued the potential for protest. But as people get pushed further against the wall, as civil society factors facilitate greater social mobilization and as communities increasingly find their voice. This will change. Public unrest is bound to grow elsewhere too.
Focusing on the challenges of Social unrest, Security audits, Community safety, Fraud Investigations, New Challenges, Security Knowledge etc. the security summit would give an opportunity to industry leaders and officials to participate and discuss issues of acute importance to the society along with Ms. Christie Vincent, VP of WAD (World association of detectives). The sessions and discussions will focus on thought provoking content, insights from industry leaders, and provide opportunities for great peer-to-peer interactions while at the Symposium. Furthermore, the Security leadership Summit will also offer you an opportunity to network with international security leaders and high ranking government officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Labor & Employment and State Controlling Authorities. The Leadership summit would be held at the Manekshaw Centre, Parade Road, Delhi Cantt. on the 15th and 16th of December, 2012.
Boosting employment opportunities for the urban and rural population the summit would also be creating job opportunities in various sectors for which various academic courses have been designed and originated for handling and minimizing the hassle of the social conflict. The challenge of bringing together young people from diverse local contexts and backgrounds should not be underestimated. However, the alternative of individuals and nations continuing to think within a narrow self-interested framework, will ultimately compound existing challenges and reduce our collective ability to respond cooperatively in the future.
As all of such incidents occur in the society and tend to affect, directly or indirectly, the social order, it would be permissible to apply the term social movement/unrest to all of them. As more and more individuals in social collectives become increasingly self-regulated and grow in conscious awareness, the increased individual coherence increases social coherence, which is reflected in increased cooperation and effective co-creative initiatives for the benefit of society.
About APDI (Association of Private Detectives and Investigators - India) and CAPSI (Central Association of Private Security Industry):
APDI (Association of Private Detectives and Investigators - India) is a pre eminent national organization an association of private detectives representing over 120 members across India. The association instrumental in helping meet key challenges such as building sustained growth, mitigating risks, improving social welfare and fostering environmental sustainability.
CAPSI is functioning as a federal body which represents the interest of entire Private Security Industry (PSI) of India. It operates through its State Chapters constituted in every State of the Republic of India. Each State Chapter is being governed by an executive council. Each state chapter is represented in the National Governing Council which deliberates on the crucial issues related to the conduct of Industry business and coordinate with Governmental departments of Police, ESI, PF, Service Tax, Income Tax, Labour Commissioners and Private Security Agencies Regulatory Authorities, to have the issues resolved.