Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Helps Woman With Areolae Problem

Dr. Jay Calvert Talks about Areolae Surgery on Tyra Banks Show

Online PR News – 03-April-2010 – – Many women can become self-conscious about their breasts and the way they look. For some, it might get to the point where it affects their relationships. Dr. Jay Calvert, a board certified Plastic’>”>Plastic surgeon based out of Southern California, appeared on the Tyra Banks Show and addressed the issue with one of the guests on the show.

A lot of times, some women can be born with areolas that can be puffy or appear enlarged, which is usually common in teenagers. It could be that there could be tissue behind the areola that is more prominent than usual. As they get older, the areolas typically flatten out; however, this is not always the case. In some instances, the areola can become larger which might give some women an undesired appearance.

Just recently, Dr. Jay Calvert appeared on the Tyra Show and spoke with a woman that said she was extremely unhappy with the size of her areolas and that it was affecting her marriage. Dr. Calvert examined her briefly, on air, and explained to her that he might be able to reduce the size of the areolas. He then said to her that the next thing to be done would be to gather a full medical history and discuss all the options that this patient would have.

Dr. Calvert is one surgeon is very careful with his patients and takes tremendous care of them. He puts a great emphasis on the whole process of the surgery and not only the actual surgery itself.

Many patients prefer traveling to Dr. Calvert’s facilities because it allows the patient to focus on their operation for the proper time period and in a setting that is success driven.

Dr. Jay Calvert is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. His practices are conveniently located in Beverly Hills, Ca and Orange County, Ca. For more information visit: